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2NE1 I Am The Best

July 30, 2011

Since I made  my 2ne1 category already when this blog trying to get some unique visitors before, It is fine then for me to blog them still on this blog, though I was mainly on the fashion these days.Actually, still this post had this related on fashion because 2ne1 group was been too fashionable ever since has they will perform for their come back music/album, try to watch their video though and youll found out how fashionable they are. So yeah! enjoy watching the video. Thanks!

Se7en is wearing Jesus is Lord by Givenchy

July 30, 2011

I dunno if Givenchy is one of the YG entertainment major sponsor because Ive often seen those artists under the Yg management wearing some Givenchy tees like this one. Actually Ive seen already taeyang wearing the same shirt liked what se7en wore on this photo, maybe givenchy gave them one by one of this kind of shirt? I dunno either or they just borrowing each other shirt? (joke). Anyways, the shirt is quite simply but rocks and I hope I can have the same shirt like this one, not just the brand but also the message that has the tee had. Yeah!  thats what I want. :)

Top is wearing John Galliano Blazer/Coat

July 30, 2011

As you know this guy, I know you wouldnt get shocked about his blazers and coats becuase as weve noticed it, TOP used to wear something quirky designs of its blazers. And what I have for now to you folk is this brand of TOPs blazer on the photo above. As on the title of this entry, TOP is wearing a blazer from the John Galliano collection as of 2009 if I dont mistaken about the collection year, but one thing that I was pretty sure which top is usually consider some European fashion house brand for his blazers due of those awesome pattern that those European designers had. I think YG entertainment are more on to Europe as we talk about their fashion.

By the way, as for now I dont know on how much this blazer cost. However, Ill be trying my best though to find out a further info about this blazer for you to have an idea behind the awesome coat that TOP got here. Okay, thats it for now, Thanks!

The main problem that we may encounter to the grocery

July 30, 2011

Last day weve been to the  grocery that is near to us, of course to shop some goods for our 1 week foods and stuff. A lot of things that I did buy for my self like, dietary teas,personal hygiene care products and  all that becuase I more than those stuff than on foods. LOL Though mother is used to shop foods but still I dont often eat a lot. Anyways, I had this concern about the market where we did shopped becuase they dont have this receipt printer which the very important to the business, becuase this may use to print out those receipt that we needed not to monitor those products prices but also of DTI purposes I think so.

So please for those grocery companies kindly check on your receipt printers for the sake of your customer concern because receipt is indeed important to us. Thats all for now and I hope as we buy our thing again on that grocery theyll have this printer to them and got our proper receipt for the things we bought to them. Thanks



Iconic Watches –Nomos

July 30, 2011

This brand out of Glashutte in Germany is known for its unusually simple, clean dials and the good workmanship inside.
The original Nomoscompany went under many decades ago, but not for lack of sales; instead, its demise resulted from the legal battles with other local firms that were unhappy with the company’s policy of advertising its Glashutte roots and workmanship, while at the same time undercutting its competitor’s prices.

Nomos was resuscitated in 1992 by the German Roland Schwertner; once again, the other Glashutter companies objected to Nomos using the Glashutte name – but this time the courts sided with Nomos and the brand now features both names on its Watches.

Nomos is the Greek word connoting a custom or law and comes from the verb neimo, meaning to distribute or dispense, and Nomos watches are distributed at a comparatively low price. Among its best models are the classically designed round Tangente and the square Tetra, both heavily influenced by Bauhaus tradition.

Although Nomos does not make any women’s models, its designs are not particularly gender-specific; ¼ of all Nomos watches are worn by women.

While relying on base movements supplied by ETA, the company has recently begun to manufacture more components in-house, including a traditional gilt-finished, ¾ plate with blued screws for some of its hand-wound calibers and an exclusive module for its Tango-mat line.

Lee is a fashion journalist and blogger. He writes about everything from the latest men’s collections to where to go for good deals to how to get your hands on a cheap Debenhams Discount Code .

Why Buy Cheap Replica Handbags

July 30, 2011

About 4 months ago, my best friend Tara sent me a gorgeous Gucci handbag as a gift for my birthday on the birthday party, my excitement was doubted because it is just the handbag I dream to own nearly every day, my other friends on my birthday party couldnt believe Tara could send me so expensive and luxurious designer Gucci handbag because she do not have the ability to afford to such expensive handbag, all of us feel very excited and surprised, so when we asked her how she could buy so expensive gift? She answered in pride that all of us were deceived because it was just a replica Gucci handbag, she only spent $200 for that replica Gucci handbag. Just because I told her before that time that I dreamed to own one great Gucci handbag but I could not afford to the sky-price of any designer Gucci handbags, so she took what I said in mind and tried her best to let my dream come true. As I just mentioned above, she, as well as me, also could not afford to buy the expensive designer Gucci handbag, so she got an idea to buy cheap replica handbags. Luckily, she found many cheap replica handbags were identical to the original designer handbags, so she felt very happy to pick up one from replica Gucci handbags as a gift for my birthday. I appreciated what Tara did for me very much. Now 4 months has gone, I cannot go out without carrying the wonderful replica Gucci handbag, so I would like to write something about the cheap replica handbags, that is buying cheap replica handbags can let you benefit very well.

Firstly, buying cheap replica handbags can let your dream of wearing fashionable accessories and keeping up with fashion style come true. Usually one kind of fashionable style or design of designer handbags is put into the fashion market, this kind of fashionable style or design of cheap replica handbags will be also available in the fashion market soon. So you dont need to fork out several thousand dollars for one designer handbag to keep up with the fashion style, you just need to spend several hundred dollars for one cheap replica handbag to stay in fashion.

Secondly, buying cheap replica handbags can save you much money for more beneficial investment. Usually one designer handbag should cost $1000 or even more, but one cheap replica handbag usually cost $200 or even less, therefore with the same money you paid for one expensive designer handbag, you can buy 5 cheap replica handbags or even more. Meanwhile, although replica handbags are cheap, they have almost the same look and feel as the original designer handbags. Because manufacturers of cheap replica handbags know it clearly that no one would like to buy a cheap replica bag which could only be used for one month or even less, and no one would like to be disclosed by other people from one mile away that he or she was carrying a cheap replica handbag, so those manufacturers would do their utmost to produce out high quality replica handbags which are almost the same as the original designer handbags from the look and feel. Luckily, they made it, nowadays many cheap replica handbags are almost the same as the original designer handbags, most people cannot spot out you are carrying a cheap replica handbag, so buying cheap replica handbags will be a good investment in the long run and can save you much money for other beneficial investment.

Finally, buying cheap replica handbags are very available. There are hundreds of websites on the internet that can offer various designs and styles of replica handbags, so you can easily find your favorite replica handbags which feature your favorite designs and styles on the internet. If you like, you can wholesale replica handbags, thus you can save much more money.

I want to migrate in Korea or UK Soon

July 30, 2011

I want to settle my life for the better, of course who doesnt want to? Ive just thought by migrating my self to the other country though I can live a normal life in here where the country that I reside but yet still going to the other country and work there is the best ever that I can see to grow not just for my self but also to my family. Anyways, as I make it in reality I think I need to seek first wheres the best place to have these homes for lease becuase house is the first important thing as youre planning to migrate to the other country becuase the location of the house can be affected on your stay there, how? like for example to the market. Since you were a migrant on the country I think your house should be nears to all establishment that can give your needing like the market that Ive been told you and many more.

Actually they were a lot of things that we should thinks as we live to the foreign land. But afterwards living there is the best.

Fashionable Car

July 23, 2011

Since I was blogging about fashion over this blog, of course I wanted to have these things that are fashionable enough that can be suits in on my personal and what I most love about which is fashion. Though when we say fashion, first thing that youll think was these pieces that has a great contribution about the word fashion like, clothes,accessories,shoes and ect. However, these days fashion are can be on something that youll find cool and great to have like this Gucci car that Ive been found online. Yeah! there was now a Gucci car that I aimed to have with, but maybe only on my dreams becuase this pretty expensive becuase of the brand name. Alright, Ill be then more transparent thats why I quite halfhearted to have my own car though, becuase of the maintenance repair of it that is pretty expensive as well.

But luckily I found this website named that has these great services to offer for us all regardless on our car repair and maintenance. And as I checked on the site, I must say I was did impressed on their services and Yes! theyve got these reasonable prices on their services that we all wanted. Try to check the site on your own and let see how do you find the site.

Stylish Sunglasses

July 22, 2011

When we did heard the word fashion, I know one thing will be sink in to you mind, which is clothes and some awesome pieces like, bling bling, rings,bracelets, and many more. However, there was still one thing that you should be consider first before the other things or accessories out there. And yeah! I am  talking on stylish sunglasses, though most of the time this accessory was bit abolish on your accessories list due of the wrong views about fashion of  those other people who havent a huge understating about what is the meaning of the word fashion. Because they did have this presumption that theyll look nerd as they have this eyeglasses with them specially this vintage eyewear which is the wrong way of thinking.

A lot of designer frames actually that we can choose from, its depends on what is the shape and cut of your face is and I was pretty sure that there was an perfect eye wear with you that you can still look hip and trendy. But wait, not only those far sighted and near sighted are can wear these eye-wears but also those fashion enthusiast that has this wardrobe that can blend by wearing an eye wear or sunglasses. So yeah! thats it for now and I will update this then soon for the better long explanation about this accessory called sunglasses.

The Bright Yellow Dress

July 19, 2011

This awhile ago, I am searching the web rather I more on Google to search something that I can blog with. And I found this picture that can really caught my attention out. Because these 2 celebrities are indeed wearing some summer collection dress that I wasnt know at this time on which brand names who made their each bright yellow dresses there. Look,they are looked awesome and fresh(LOL) what I mean was they feel fresh and look too due of the yellow and summer looked theyve got there. Actually I love summer collection more than more, than to the other seasons collections because you can play on the colours and even on the cut of the dress on this summer collection and also you may show some skin off as this season heads up.

Okay, will update soon regarding the brands of these each dress as I found out though. Let see soon and hopefully I can found it out on web.

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