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GD and TOP on their Balmain Piece

August 29, 2011

Yes. I was too pleased to blog these guys here because indeed they did had this  great fashion sense that most people are looking forward too specially those die hard fan. Isnt it? Today, Ive found this photo to the blog and of course Ill be then credit this photo to them (by the way I did it already) which the 2 awesome guy here are wearing the balmain brand that Ive found it cool, because as we all know that Balmain is one of the lead fashion house company these days on todays fashion industry, thats why Im too amazed by seeing these guys wearing some. Because I was pretty sure that these pieces are too expensive to have,right?

Actually, Id often seen these guy wearing the brand so, maybe theyve got the brand as their sponsor or they only made an x-deal into each other? doesnt know. Let me search about it and will update you some detailed and more information about this. Meanwhile, let me finish this post of and I will give you more interesting posts like this soon to this blog. Thanks!

Taeyang got the swag tee

August 25, 2011

On this photo teayang was wearing a swag tee from swagger. And I think the tee was perfectly fit to him and the word swag as well because taeyang is indeed swag. By the way this tee is locally selling in Japan if I dont mistaken and has a price of 85 dollars. Quite expensive,right? because this was only a tee cmon. Okay, thats it for now and let me update this soon where we can buy this so that if you have this plan to buy it so, you may know then where its available to buy.

Thanks a lot and the photo is credit to stylish corner. :)

Another DOPE Kicks (Android Homme)

August 25, 2011

As we all know that I used to search some dope pieces that I might put to this blog. And what Ive got for today was this awesome new kicks collection from the shoe brand Android Homme. Actually, I really dunno what is the whole brand is, because this was my first time then to heard about them,(bear with me on this) Though the shoes brand. I heard, is really well known in the united state but yet still, the brand isnt that much known on my country. Thats why I really dunno it. hahah Anyways, I just find these shoes dope because once again they did looked like the christian louboutin mens shoes that I wanted, and the style was extremely great as well I must say!

At this moment, I cant tell you how much the kicks cost. Because I just found these photos online. However, you may check it on your self alone by googling it. Thanks!

Scion custom floor mats

August 25, 2011

Do you have car? or any vehicle out there? if so, that will be great because I wanted to suggest this awesome scion custom floor mats on your car to be look and protected at the same time. Actually, I dont have a car yet bust still I was really looking forward to have to and got this mats on it for the car might look so nicely and clean. The mat is not only for the look purposes but also to prevent some trouble that the car might get sooner as the car getting older.

Are you planning to watch any concerts?

August 24, 2011

There was a lot of ways to make your self distressed or to escape on your daily routines that usually are the causes of your stresses in life. Yeah! everyday tasks was the one can ruin your certain day, thats why I suggest you to take a break for awhile by watching any awesome concerts that are available to theater these days, If I were you, I will buy these awesome tickets: Avril Lavigne Tickets, Pageant Of Masters Tickets, Nassau Coliseum tickets, United Center tickets and this Madison Square Garden tickets. Because so far these are the awesome and newest to fun to watch with.

Actually, I am not into concerts but getting these tickets that Ive been mentioned on top was the very great deal ever Ive got, because they are the cheapest among all the concert s tickets that I know. Thats why Id considered it. Okay, thats it for now and will update this soon with more details. Thanks!



Best Webhosting

August 24, 2011

As you run one blog like this one, I know there was some stresses that will surely tiger on your mind because running one blog isnt that easy job,really! thats why I was here though to help you out on what is the website hosting that will works on your needing and to be convenient on it at the same time. Actually if you are asking me, a lot of web hosting providers out there are promises a very good quality on their each hosting,however, some of those as well are ending up by being outreached their services limits just to impress their customers which is the wrong way.

But these days, I can guarantee you that VPS Hosting is the best one among the rest. Because this hosting has  the best variety of features that on the shared hosting havent. So, if I were you, you must check the VPS one that the usual one that we mostly buys. Alright, I hope this post will help you a bit to decided on which hosting will be then you considered.

Mens Accessories

August 24, 2011

Today, they were a lot of things,pieces,accessories that we can use to make our total outfit dope. Yes! they are, specially for men, though the accessories for mens are quite late then to implemented on the market because of the peoples misconception regarding of a men being fashionable. That when a guy wears these things that are quirky than usual, they might seems the guy as a gay or what, which the wrong thinking of peeps before. But now, people are too fashionable and open minded for these awesome quirky accessories which can bring the mens fashion into lead these days.

On the top photos, those are the things that are trending on todays fashion. And if you wanted to be IN and to be called fashionable as you are a guy, I think you must have these accessories first before you can choose your clothes to pair off on your chooses accessories, Because accessories are the one that can gives spice on your style and fashion statement.

Fashionable Head Gear

August 24, 2011

This is what you get when you combine motorcycle mechanic school with high fashion merchandising colleges

Im into fashion we all knew that, because I was sharing my thoughts already on this topics on this blog (as you noticed), Well, nowadays not only fashion that can make me feel overwhelm and enthusiasm but also into a sport. Yes! I love the motor racing these days that no one can stop me by doing it so. Though the sport is a hard dangerous but still the endurance and adrenaline is the awesome part of this sport that I know all of the men out there whove tried the sport already will be then agree with me. However, I needed to be safe and assure my safest as I do this sport and I think this fashionable helmet called scorpion exo-700 was the one that I need, because the helmet design is really suits in to my fashionable personality.

Student fashion for the girls

August 23, 2011

I know the year schooling has been started a days ago and most of the freshmen out there are having a quite hard times when it comes on their outfits and fashion. Specially those girls one. Because girls wants to be hip and look too chic even they were wearing an school uniform or any peices that are allow on school, like the set of outfit that Ive shared on the top.

Girls are the most fashionable these days, I must say that! because they really wanted to be look good every now and then, though men are even fashionable nowadays but still girls are the most of this than us for men. Yeah right!

Okay, thats it for now and I hope you may get any ideas out of this set of outfit here that make be way to find your own style when it comes on your school fashion.

Dont Forget to Take Advantage of No Deposit Bingo Sites

August 22, 2011

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