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Jeffrey Campbell Lita Harness booties

September 30, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

These are the new designs of Jeffrey Campbell on their fall collection and I know most girls out there are looking forward to have one of this kind, becuase the new designed boots are made of leather and the another feature of it though was this boots is a Waterproof, Lol, this my first time then to heard that a shoe is waterproof.

By the way this booties has a price of $189, however, you can buy the cheapest one if you dont have to spend for this. And replicas are we can get instead to.LOL But of course having the original is a must!

Teddy And CL was spotted wearing the Cazal’s 607 Sunglasses

September 30, 2011

When it comes on fashion, I think CL of 2ne1 and the song writer Teddy was the one will be on the first. Because these 2 persona had this very strong of personality that everyone had noticed about when it comes on their style and fashion. Today, what Id have was this picture where Ive found on the ygcloset again( I think Ygcloset will be my in house affiliates blog) On the picture, the 2 awesome artist is wearing this cazal 607 Sunglasses that has approx.500 dollars each of this. My goodness this too expensive,right? but anyway, the quality and the materials of the sunglasses was indeed great thats why the price doesnt matter at all on these 2 artist.


Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Jobs

September 30, 2011

Let set aside the fashion related post today because this is really important for those freshly grads like you folks. I know most of you are seeking on what are the best and suits jab on you since you are just graduated on your courses or profession, however, applying and getting the job it self was the tiring and full of competition to other applicants because jobs is indeed hard to get these days. However, you are lucky enough if you have been into medical field because theres a lot of Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Jobs that needs you, and I am surely that you wont get hard by getting any job so related on this jobs. Try it on your local hospital and youll find out that I was telling the truth. hahaah

Okay. thats it for now and I will update this blog again on some new fashion collection brands for the year 2012. This must be excited!

Athletic short

September 21, 2011

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I needed this. Yeah! I am going to workout very very soon because Ive got this uncomfortable body after those unhealthy parties and gatherings that held to our house these past few days simultaneously. Thats why this athletic short is my buddy today. I need it and I hope by next week I can enroll my self out to the nearest gym here and burn those bums and unwanted fats were added to my body. I am not comportable on my body today and I also quite pissed to my self because why I do allowed my self to be like this. My goodness, its hard to lose weights again. LOL

Anyways, Athletic short is still on fashion, because people are used to wear this as they daily wear and even some girls merely wears this short these days. And I think this will be trending on the category of bottom pieces. So get yours now and I assure you that the short is indeed versatile and can be use or wear into other way.

My new Kicks from Aldo

September 21, 2011

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I loved shoes, we all know that becuase Id often blogged it so as youve noticed to this blog. Anyways, I got a new kicks from the brand name ALDO. I find the shoes dope thats why I bought it and one thing that I loved about the shoes was it made of leather which guarantee me that I can use this long time, not like to other that has this inequality materials that never last.

The bought the shoes for only 2,300 php probably around 50 usd. Not bad right? Alright, thats it for now and I hope I can blog something more informative soon.

Park Bom rockin in Ashish‘s Sequined biker jacket with beaded grafitti

September 13, 2011

Like what did I said on my previous post that I used to blog this girl group 2ne1 over this blog. Because of their fashion sense and all. Today, Ive got this photo on the blog that Id often checking rather I followed already because we have the same enthusiastic in regards on the  girl group. And  the blog that I was telling you was the in case you want to know.

Anyway, Park Bom is wearing an Ashishs Sequined Biker jacket that you may buy on Asos. If I am not mistaken this has a price of £990.00. Yeah! thats too expensive to have and I know ordinary peeps like us wouldnt consider this jacket out. however, if you have plenty of bucks to spend and wanting this jacket here, just go ahead and make your self happy by having this. Or you can search something similar but cheaper online. Coupons, voucher codes or promotion codes can help you save money.


September 13, 2011

Korean fashion has made their spot on the international fashion industry because indeed korean had this every unique and quirky fashion that most people done hooked up, who doesnt by the way?. And mostly were done to see these awesome outfits to those Korean kpop group whod shared their talents by their music as long as to their fashion statement. Like, what I did have here now, which the all girl group so called 2ne1, actually I really loved to blog them over this blog when it comes to their fashion because theyre showing us off some cool pieces that we doesnt think of can be wear and done so dope. Thats why you usually seeing these guys fashion here.

Anyway, today, what I have for you folks was this new 2ne1 song titled UGLY, though this was an music video but yet still fashion is here because as you look into it you may notice those cool punky outfits of these girls that might interest you. Just watch the whole video and let me know what are you thinking. Thanks and thats it for now.

Will buy a new claw tub

September 12, 2011

Yes dear, youve heard it right, that I was planning to buy a new claw tub because my claw tub was messing out a bit that I cant figure it out on whats wrong on it thats why Ive been decided to buy a new one. Id like the claw tub because it can gives convenient to me that I most like about because I can feel more relax and at peace as I use this claw tub than using others. Thats why I recommended this tub to you folks as you buy yours.

Importance of symbol barcode scanner

September 12, 2011

Hi there, I am planning to have an small business soon maybe a small grocery because foods arent not abolish on the market,right? because people really needs foods and all that, however,I was wondering where could I get my cashier software to attend all of the monitoring and receipt stuff, and the most importantly was this symbol barcode scanner. Yeah! barcode scanner is the most important thing in any business because this gadget will make your business run easily.

Comfortable Sweater for both Men and Women

September 7, 2011

These sweaters here that these guys wearing on the photos on top are can be buy on the awesome online store that Ive found recently which on the DefShop for Streetwear as much to the other site called Herrenschmiede. I simply found these sweater useful and dope as these Ber months  begins at this moment, because we all knew that when the Septembers started the winter might be starts as well that we mostly trying to avoid to, because the cold of breeze was extremely bad. Good things that we can have these sweaters here that are design to have the comfortable feelings as long can give warm on you as the changing of weather happens.

And as far as I know, these sweaters has been featured already on the Streetwear Store Berlin that proves that these kind of sweaters are indeed perfect on the season that surely suits on your needing. alright then, Now we can buy these sweaters on the given sites and I hope you may get your own now because Ive got mine already that can make my things awesome because I have this protection on the cold were experiencing today.

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