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The Hunky Tee

November 30, 2011

I just found these funny t shirts online that I quite amazed with, because I doesn’t recognized at first that this was a Tee. Because look, it does looked like a man body,right? Yeah! as you first see it but if you can further look to it you can recognize the tee then. So yeah thats it for now and I hope I may know the brand of this tee because I just thought with someone that can suits on this kind of tee here.LOL Let see soon, as I got one tee like this one. Will get you updated whose the lucky one that I will give a hunky tee present.

Se7en Wears Ann Demeulemeester

November 29, 2011


I admit, I loved what this guy often wearing and even his fashion statement. Because he carried him self well that can make his self often dope and hip to fashion. I know, most guys out there are find this guy that way,isnt it? anyway, I was to about to blog on what hes wearing on this photo. the guy,se7en, is wearing an Ann Demeulemeester for top (£2470 / $3944.66) that has a name of “Angelina” Jacket/ Blazer . And for his feather belt accessories that has an price of (£489 / $769).

What do you think about his outfit? dope or not? let me know what is your thinking,opinion about the outfit. Thanks a lot!

Celeb accessories: Se7ens Rilakkuma hooded neck cushion

November 29, 2011


Recently, Se7en, Korean Actor and singer, had been shared one photo on his personal twitter account which youll see on the top photo. On the photo, he is wearing an cute quirky thing thats rounds to his neck and an hood on his head. The piece is great I must say and me, personally, I want to have the same piece he got there. Because this piece will works anytime and everywhere as you wanted to feel relax and comfortable.

The piece had a name of hooded neck cushion from the Korean brand Rilakkuma. You may get it for only 16 dollars in any brand stores. However, if theres no any Rilakkuma stores where you based or live, I suggest you to take a look online because they were for sure a lot of companies whore now selling this brand and same thing. Although, the catch is, you must have to pay the shipment fees and the customs fee which for your government duties.

Alright, thats it and I hope I can blog more informative ones. See yah folks! and have a great pleasant day ahead for everyone.

Buy Watches Online –

November 26, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Big watches Are Impressive Good Quality

There are a lot of good brands in the world, but I like most Wenger, the makers of the original Swiss pocket-knife. I got a Wenger watch as a gift long ago and also works now. They are very easy to read, affordable, and holds up against a lot of amount of moisture and bangs. After so many years I have never experienced a watch that looks so new. When you buy a Wenger, it means you never have to buy a new brand of watch.

Which watches are scratch resistant?

They present three types of crystals found in the Watches industry: acrylic, mineral and sapphire. Acrylic is a simple plastic that does not prevent scratching, but helps to polish the scratches out. Mineral is glass, which includes several elements that stops scratching. Sapphire crystal is the first choice for exclusive watches. It is the most expensive type of crystal and is three times harder than mineral. It is made of a very durable synthetic material which makes it very durable and scratch resistant.

invicta Watches In Gold

Invicta is proven as one of Americas most popular designs. MK5222 is a ladies watch with guldtonad color and is both functional as it is stylish. This gold watch uses Japanese quartz and is a watch with a sports model with gold plate and gold-colored steel link. The hands on this invicta watch is also in gold, which fits nicely with black Arabic numerals. The time is totally in stainless steel. Some other features it has is a chronograph and date.

The invicta watches

invicta watches are recognized as one of Americas greatest designers. invicta MK5222 is a ladies watch with guldtonad color and is both functional as it is stylish. This gold watch uses Japanese quartz and is a watch with a sports model with guldtonad Painting & gold colored steel bracelet. The hands on this Kors watch is also gold, which fits nicely with black numbers. Brand The clock is made entirely of stainless steel. Other features include the date and chronograph.

big watches, not only to be followed in time

Womens Watches has existed for centuries and their basic purpose is to tell the time. But while the concept has changed & they here inventions are now used to, except to show only time but also as a really neat accessory for fashion-oriented men and women. This means that the clock is a multi-page thing that deserves to be examined without fail. Wenger is very stylish and can be used often for purely fashion.

Lookbook: Dark Fashion

November 25, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While I am searching on the web of some thingy or pieces that I will over this site. I accidentally stumbled on the one blog that has these photos that Id find it cool, because this was my first time then to see some photography like this, indeed unusual thing, but yet, the fashion is still there. Because uniqueness of these photos are implies perfectly and the concept is truly amazing.

Actually, I dont really blog with no information things, however, on this situation let me be. Because these photos,on top, are did captured my heart in any matter that I dont explain with (LOL). So yeah, these photos are dope and stunning. If you own these, and had an rules out of them, just dont hesitate to contact me for the further credits and such thing.

Meantime, let me finish this post out. Because I needed to do my other stuff on the other blog. Thanks a lot and have a great day ahead.

Buy your printable vounchers instead

November 23, 2011

There were some new finds that people are getting crazed these days, which this Bed bath and beyond printable coupon , yeah coupon codes and vouchers printable is the most demand or consider on this season. Because people are too wise these days to buy these expensive things which actually they can get it buy the discounted or sale prices using the printable voucher. Actually, this offers from those voucher companies online are really great because they can really brings people on the right place to buy and at the same time, people are too convenient and happy having their products on the cheap price. Awesome,right? this idea is indeed amazing I must say!

A lot of people are offering this services, but bear with it because they were some fraud companies as well who are trying to steal your money and make you realize that buying online is such a scam. which the wrong misconception. Because, yeah! theres real companies who are offering these great deals that we all wanted, just search on them via Google and make sure that the companies are residing where you based with. But rest assured, Bed bath and beyond printable coupons are legit to avail, so, what are you waiting for? get your bed bath printable voucher and serve it as your gift this coming holidays. :)

Lets unwind, play online

November 23, 2011

Being a blogger isnt that easy tasks. Yeah! Im telling you. Because youll be needed to learn on how to work on your time, and at the same time on how to dealing on people. Especially on your clients and advertisers.

Blogging is a way different on the real job, however, I must say, blogger or Internet marketer, this job, are a lot more opportunities than working outside. Because you were actually working already into those big companies abroad. Awesome,right? Though, youll have to sacrifice your own sake, what I meant is. Your social life doesnt that have active. Because on this job, youll have to be online at least 8-15 hours, and quite sometimes that range of working time arent enough to do all of your tasks to attend. Yeah that was the bad thing I must say.

However,one thing that Ive learned with, which we can also have ways to spend and get to unwind online. And these was online casino gambling. Because you can play online through it and at the same time you may have this changes to win some awesome prizes and even some serious bucks.

I am too excited to try it by my own. And let see on how I can deal with it, I will let you know pretty soon once Ive done trying it. Thanks folks!

Shopper’s Guide Buying Contact Lenses Accessories

November 21, 2011

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Contact lenses are a comfortable and popular alternative to ordinary glasses. However, buying the lenses is not the only purchase you will have to make. These days there are a number of different accessories and lens care products you will need in order to ensure that your contacts are kept clean and safe from wear and tear. This article provides advice for those looking to buy cases and cleaning solutions for their contact lenses.

Lens Cases In today’s world of online shopping where the selection can be endless it can be hard to know which contact lens case to buy. When making your decision the two main things you need to think about is the type of cases available and which ones are suited to your specific needs.

First, it is a good idea to talk to your optician to see what cases they would personally recommend. Their advice will differ depending on whether or not you have any special needs when it comes to the care of your lens. If this is the case then your choice may be limited.

When it comes to the actual purchasing of the cases it is advisable to check out companies that sell both glasses and contact lenses as they will usually have a larger section of products to choose from and at a better price. There are four different types of cases to choose from, which are as follows: screw top, flip top, barrel, and travel.

  • Screw tops These types of cases lie flat and have side-by-side cases for each lens. The wells are either deep to fully immerse your lenses or shallow to minimise the amount of cleaning solution.
  • Flip top These cases are similar to screw top cases; however, because they do flip at the top they are usually easier to open. Another feature of these cases is that in order to help the consumer differentiate the right and left lenses each lid opens in different directions.
  • Barrel These types of cases have separate baskets for each lens and can include pincers for those that have RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses.
  • Travel These are perfect for those that are going on a holiday or trip. They are compact to allow them to be easily stored in a purse or bag and usually include space to store your cleaning solution.

Lens Cleaning Solutions When it comes to contact lenses there are numerous different types of cleaning solutions available. The solution you choose will depend on the type of lenses you have bought (soft or hard lenses). Nevertheless, despite the type of lenses you own it is vital to get some type of solution as it will help for cleaning and removing protein deposits, disinfecting, rinsing, rewetting and storing the lenses.

  • Healthy Eyes Multi Purpose Solution This specific solution offers a more natural way to clean and disinfect your contact lenses. Made with natural plant substrates, it creates a comfort cushion around your contact lenses, making insertion remarkably more comfortable. It is available in single bottles, 3-packs, or part of a lens care kit.


Company Profile: is your complete optical store. We design, produce and distribute a wide selection of glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses and accessories for you and your entire family. With our online model we are proud to offer consumers an affordable, convenient, friendly option for high quality brand name and private label vision care products.

Aluminum briefcase

November 20, 2011

I want to have an aluminum briefcase because soon enough I will work on the awesome company that I looking to work with since then. Yeah lucky me, because Ive been hired to the company and I will do my very best to help the company in all effort I can. I will update you soon in some photos on mine wearing my uniform and of course caring my briefcase then.

Lady GaGa Heart Sunglasses

November 18, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I roamed around the web awhile ago. And Ive seen an awesome photo that is really dope and eye catcher, which the photo on top. Wherein, gaga is wearing an heart sunglasses. This too interesting because as we all know that this heart sunglasses is been trend way back time, in 80s, but yet, gaga is too fond to wear it again and make it trend once again to the world of fashion.

Indeed, gaga is the fashion monster, she doesnt have boundaries on her stuff when it comes on fashion and thats what I admired about her and even you,I know.

Alright, thats it for now and lemme finish this off to give way on my other blog post that you may read by the next 2 days, another celebrity fashion of course. :)

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