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Supra ‘2012 All Star’ Vaider

February 19, 2012




Attention guys, do you want some dope kicks? I know you do, so why not to have this Supra ‘2012 All Star’ Vaider kicks? Yeah this the newest design of sneakers of the famous teens kicks brand supra. And I know most of the young men even those young  in hearts one are really eager to have this and got a swag of it..

Kicks are the main piece for mens fashion. Because it can bring swag and dopeness to men as they have it. so yeah, thats it for now and sorry, I dont have the other details for this kicks so far, but soon as Ive got other further info like the materials and pricing details, sure thing, I will definitely update this post again..

Cashmere dresses

February 19, 2012


Want to know what are the trend pieces on fashion industry today? hmm, as we all know, dope caps for guy are still hip and some killer heels are still IN for girls, but today, one piece is rapidly get to well known on the fashion world today which these cashmere dresses. Actually, this was my first time then to heard about this dress, because all I knew are those usual dresses that are made of usual fabrics and materials, not like this cashmere that are made of animal skin if I dont mistaken about it, that can make the piece high in value and get this piece trend easily on todays fashion.

Yeah, this kind of dress is now trending to all brand these days, and I wont wonder that someday all the girls in the road are wearing these cashwere dresses that to those old kind of dresses that girls often wears. And also, this can be an cashmere gifts for girlfriend. Because liked what did I said. This dress is now trending and girls wants to have all trend pieces on the fashion thats why having this as an gift for any girls is the best thing to do. Im telling you!

Im planning to buy this guitar soon

February 19, 2012

I admit that I dont have this awesome voice, and I dont either have this damn good experience by playing some musical instruments, but yet still, I wanted to have my own guitar with me and play it and sing my hearts out. Sounds interesting? nope, it isnt, because I cant still decided my self yet on what kind of guitar that Ill should have, maybe I will have this super bass guitar? or this peavey electric bass maybe? what do you think guys? kindly suggest me any?

I hope you can help me to choose on whats the best guitar on me since I was just a newbie or starting to do this this..ehhehe okay, I wont get long, need to go now. thanks and I will update you soon on what guitar that Id got.

Dara Rocking on her Keith Haring x Joyrich‘s Men and Dogs sunglasses

February 15, 2012



Sandara along the other members of 2ne1, CL, Minzy and Bom are had their awesome break vacation in the Philippines this recently that has been trend all over social media sites and even on the local televisions. Because these girls are keep on updating their online accounts along with photos of their activities on the said vacation that keeps their fans getting sick crazy and in away spying the girls on their rest times, those days.

And this photo on the top is the one daras shared on her me2day account that can caught some attention of those fashion enthusiast online. Because of her quirky outfit style that has this swag, esp. on her sunglasses. Because the sunglasses that she did wore on this photo is the one most talked about accessories nowadays that is from the brand JOYRICH Collaborated with Keith Haring.

The sunglasses has a price of $143.00, and you know what? it has only 7 of this sunglasses available in the US at this moment and I dunno if the brand will release more of it since people were seen Dara wearing one. Let see soon and Ill update you on that out here..:)

Jennifer Hudson sings I Will Always Love You Tribute to Whitney Houston Grammy Awards 2012

February 14, 2012

2012 Footwear Trends that are Ideal for 2012 Weddings

February 13, 2012

With the autumn/winter 2012 fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and New York just passed, they’ve given us plenty of inspiration as to what footwear trends will be hitting the stores later this year. With designers making a return to ladylike fashions for the modern woman, there are plenty of feminine footwear trends on the way that are perfect for bridal footwear.



For spring 2012, a cool pastel palette was seen all across the runways, from Dolce and Gabbana’s powder blues, pale green pastels at Marc Jacobs and Dior, to delicate pinks and damask rose hues at Givenchy and Oscar de la Renta. This is one of the easiest footwear trends to incorporate into your wedding look, as these delicate shades all team perfectly with white. These courts (in the nude) from  Next are ideal wedding shoes material, summing up this trend perfectly and tying in the trend for patent leather too.



Mules were by far and away the biggest shoe trend for A/W 2012. These slip on classics make for ideal wedding shoes, as they’re ultra feminine and also ultra comfortable. Mules are easy to slip into and out of when you need a change of footwear between the ceremony and reception too. The 2012 take on this classic shoe shape saw designers revamping the style with intricate gold beading, chic pale silver and pastel striped uppers – all easy to incorporate into your wedding look.



The floral them is everywhere this year, from dainty tiny blossom patterns to bold monochrome floral prints. Designers also incorporated the flower power theme into footwear and accessories, both with prints and floral detailing, like bud adornments and 3D flower accents. This is the perfect footwear trend for those planning a spring wedding this year, tying in beautifully with the blossoming season ahead. There’s a great overview of the trend, with more floral footwear inspiration, over at Vogue.



 Last year may have been all about the 1970s, but for 2012, there’s a real 1920s trend underway. The catwalks at Gucci, Ralph Lauren and, most spectacularly at Gucci, were filled with flowing flapper dresses, dropped waistlines and tassles, teamed with 1920s footwear styles. If you’re thinking about giving your wedding a vintage theme, the roaring twenties is where it’s at. Look out for flapper girl wedding shoes, intricate bead detailing, and for instant 20s glamour, add a delicate cloche hat to top of the look.


Be hip, Be on trend wear this Maxi Dress

February 9, 2012


I mostly noticed those chic girls these days are often wearing this so called Maxi Dress. Actually, I dont know this yet but its actually trending for girls on todays fashion. This dress usually tube and has this long back.. Sorry, I dunno the fashion terms for it. hahah Bear with me then, But all I can was. This dress is pretty cool and girls definitely will look gorgeous and chic.

You may buy this dress anywhere and everywhere since the kind of dress is now trending worldwide, might your fav brand has this dress already, you better to check on it. And by the way, dont forget to pair this dress in a swag killer heels to bring the elegant looking appeal in you. :) Alright, thats it for now and soon I will be updating you more on mens trend outfits and pieces.Thanks!

Calvin Klein Underwear For Men 2012

February 9, 2012



When it comes in undergarments for men. The first brand I think that will pop-out into your mind was this CK Calvin Klein. Because the brand is specialized on this line, like what victory secret do in girls underwear. Thats why men are often looking forward to, on what are the newest designs or selections that the brand will about to market per each season. And today. Ive seen this sneak peek photos of the new underwears look that CKs cooking for us all this summer season.

I evenly included the video for you to check the whole thing as youre interested to see on what CKs working for us all this spring/summer season for their collection.. By the way, those models are the one whove won on the recent CK model search.. Just want to include the info though.. Alright, thats it for now and I hope youll often visit me here..

Lets talk about car

February 8, 2012

Cars are the things we use to get to the places that we wanted to go through, however, quite sometimes we couldnt avoid to have trouble on it because maybe youll just have this unbranded or not so well known brand of cars. But I suggest you to have this curt trailer hitches instead. Because this kind of car is well build and the spare parts are had been passed by the quality control. That means, this brand of car are the most best and practical to buy..

Raybans the all time favourite Summer sunglasses

February 3, 2012


Summer is near heading and I know most of the fashionistas out there are seeking way on how they may have this awesome glasses which the RayBan and such other brand of glasses. Because summer is all about accessories and sunglasses to bring the dopeness to their selves. Actually, not only in fashion sake why people are wearing sunglasses on this season,summer, but also for the health benefits and protection. Yeah sunglasses is a way of tool for us to protect our eyes on the severe hit of the sun as we goes through under the sun that might can affect to our eye sights as we dont wear one.

So yeah -summer is fun. But you must also consider your heath as this season comes. Start getting your own glasses and be swag at the same time be safe on the sun ray.. Awesome,right? Alright, thats it for now and I will blog something informational again on this blog,, I hope you may get back again.. Thank yall and have a great day ahead to everyone..

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