Declined again! Better to stop this out


Once again payu2blog was indeed declined me,I knew that most bloggers are wanting to get their dashboard page as soon as possible but you know what,this guys are too picky and so hard to please of with,what do I say that? Because they really do rather often declined me on my application and the worse thing was as they declined me,they did told me that I need to stop applying to their network because I was spamming them as hell? I dunno, they just tells me into their replied on my application, actually Im lack of thoughts why they did tells that,but away its ok for me though,maybe I am not fated to get approve or to be part on their luxury list of bloggers but no hard feelings though because iuse to work on my advertisers whove been trusted me and believing me that I can make my stuff out on my medium which are my blogs, and I do believe that through these advertisers I might earn what blogger should earn as they working on payu2blog. Thats it all, but bear with it, I dont have and agaist feelings to them because maybe they just trying to give best on their clients, beside its not my lost their lost alright then,enough for this and thanks a lot for reading this little emotional pist of mine, Thanks a lot and God bless you all guys.


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