Finally, we got wifi!


As we really have some wifi gadgets here at home,weve been decided to make our Internet connection as an wifi because we often fight,me and brother whos the one first wholl be using our direct Internet connection way back time,but now we both amused having an wifi connection Becuase we dont have to use the direct wire just to have an connection to each of our laptop,lol that sometimes can brings fight to both of yeah, we often fight recently when this wifi doesnt yet implemented,were indeed funny,right? Well that we are!

Cant help my self laughing since I blogging this immature post of me, I hope you can understand my end then,anyways this was my blog wherein I can write what I wanted to write ok enough now and Ill make some informative update on this blog soon as I got some spare time.thanks

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  1. MinnieRunner says:

    Thats nice. We got wifi too back home.
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