How To Get a High Page Rank?

I think this was the perfect time to optimize site or blog because  there was a speculation that Google will be updating page rank this coming end of the month of October , will never know though, hope its true like what most webmaster praying of,lol and if you are a newbie i also know that youll be having a quite hard time to understand what is the important about having a page rank to your blog or website, well if you had this most talk about page rank on your blog rather if you got an page rank meaning your blog could be well search on the Google search engine its depends who Google ranked your blog it? i hope you do..:)

So the big question now on how to optimize your blog? what task youll do to achieve or get at least page rank of 2 as Google update this end of the month?(no assurances that Google will update this end of the month) OK let me tell you some stuff that im doing to get my list of blogs(20 blogs in be ranked in short period of time, what i did was is blog hopping i think this SEO strategy is the most recommended because by simply commenting other blogs you can either boost your standing on the Google search as long as you can get a good traffic though, because those  blog webmaster who youve been commented with, will surely back on you as you leave your link over them..gets? but theres more like directories submission.rss submission, social bookmarking submission and so on but i dont recommend them for you to do because some of the directories wouldnt last on the web and obviously they dont approved your link right way that you ended up wasting your time on my opinion..haha but social bookmarking must do i would sayOK these will be all..thanks for reading everyone

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  1. The Knowledge Lady
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 16:06:52

    Actually, back in May 2010 Google started to change how they do search. Linking is not important as unique content. I have 15 blogs and the last month or so I have seen a marked increase in traffic due to Google now ranking my unique content over backlinks. About 5 of them have virtually no back links at all and yet they are ranked high in searches for their keywords and phrases. Those blogs were set up purely for Google Adsense and now they earn me at least a dollar a day each.

    Another thing to keep in mind when posting comments, blogger blogs are usually preset for all comments to be no follow meaning that you can get a back link from them but no link juice in the form of PR.

    There is also a strong rumor going around that Google will abandon Page Rank in the tool bar. Page Rank will still be around but only visible to Google internally.

    Keeping up with what Google wants for high ranking websites and blogs is a full time job. Instead just make your blog popular to people instead of search engines.


    • admin
      Oct 25, 2010 @ 16:37:34

      great point sir thanks for letting me know about this..hehhe


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