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Raybans the all time favourite Summer sunglasses

February 3, 2012


Summer is near heading and I know most of the fashionistas out there are seeking way on how they may have this awesome glasses which the RayBan and such other brand of glasses. Because summer is all about accessories and sunglasses to bring the dopeness to their selves. Actually, not only in fashion sake why people are wearing sunglasses on this season,summer, but also for the health benefits and protection. Yeah sunglasses is a way of tool for us to protect our eyes on the severe hit of the sun as we goes through under the sun that might can affect to our eye sights as we dont wear one.

So yeah -summer is fun. But you must also consider your heath as this season comes. Start getting your own glasses and be swag at the same time be safe on the sun ray.. Awesome,right? Alright, thats it for now and I will blog something informational again on this blog,, I hope you may get back again.. Thank yall and have a great day ahead to everyone..

Summer Glasses

January 20, 2012


Summer season is fast approaching and I know most of you folks are too excited to show off some of your skin there but of course, having an dope accessories cant be abolish on this season. Thats why I suggest you to have your own persol sunglasses as early as now. Because this was the time were you could get some hip glasses in the very reasonable price because the piece isnt that demand on the market today.

There were some also selection of sunglasses that you can choose from with, just pick the glasses frame that may fits on your face and eye well to avoid for being an fashion victim. Alright, thats it for now and I will update you more tips soon on this blog, so please keep on checking back me here. Thanks so much!

Be fab on your Prom Dress

January 18, 2012


As girls went in any events,parties or even on their prom day. They see to it that they got this chic dress with them, because girls are naturally like that, I mean for being vain. And they wanted to be look good as always. Anyway, what are the things you must to consider as you go in any events specially on the prom party?

* You must have a well fits dress in you to feel more comfortable and by then you can do whatever thing you wanted and  freely do your stuff on the event place.

* Wear your ball gown dresses that are cheap prom dresses under 200 which can make you dope that day. Yeah I swear as you wear these dresses everything will be alright.

* Be your self and enjoy the party of course. Dont be freak! Yeah thats the big NO NO.

* and if you were an cute girl, not so lucky to have this heights. I suggest you to have this little black dresses that can rock you on the event. again, trust me on this because a lot of fashion enthusiast and even fashion bloggers are used to wear that.

So yeah these are the things that you must know as you go or attend any parties not just on prom but in general gatherings. Wait, dont for get your moral values of course..LOL Okay, thats it for now and have a great weekdays everyone.

Diamond Bridal Ring Sets

January 9, 2012


Nowadays,  a lot of couples are planning to get married this coming months,especially in June. Because every girls dreams was to be an Junes bride.  I know right? anyway, planning the wedding is quite stressing in both girl and guy party. Because youll have to prepare all the necessarily things needed to make the wedding more special to you both couple as long to the all attendees, like your gown,tuxedo, and all the clothes of the people whore included on the wedding entourage.

However, the most special thing that youll have the best on this day was this diamond bridal sets rings for your bridge. Because this ring will be symbolize your love to her until you were together. Though still, you could pick something simple ring one but yet, having an gorgeous rings that has high value of diamond on it is something awesome more. And I assure you that your girl will love you more. Not just the fact because of the expensive rings but for the efforts and how you value your partner by giving her such dramatically expensive thing.


But of course, you could also be practical if you wouldnt afford to buy such expensive wedding ring to her. Because they were some diamond ring stores online like that can give you an great deals in any rings theyre selling on the site. Just check them and I really recommend them than to the other diamond ring stores online out there..

Best of fashion

January 8, 2012

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What is fashion? that question was pop out to my mind since I were blogging on the topic often. For me, fashion is all about you, Yeah you! Because fashion doesnt relay on those awesome clothes, killer heels, awesome accessories that youre wearing but yet on how you carried your self out whether you are wearing an branded or messy dress. Attitude is the key I must say. In additional, fashion is confident wherever you are. Whether youd play online casino or doing some ramp fashion shows. Just chin up and feels the lime light on you as you walk to your life.

When were said best of fashion, youll rather think about the hugely creation pieces like, wedding dresses, red carpet gowns, celebrities fashion statements and of course these limited designs or custom designs were these well known companies made off for the highly profile persona. Thats how people nowadays find the best of fashion on the industry. However, for me and to the other fashion enthusiast out there. Best of fashion is your self, our self, becuase werent competing here but this the matter on how you can showcase your self, Although in  fashion poker youll have really to compete and play the game full heartedly for you to win not just for money but also for your self as well.

These days, people are open minded in everything, not just on fashion but also in all matters around them. Whether its online stuff or in real life, all are acceptable on todays generation. I think this will be a great proofs for the democracy and freely mind. for me, this will be the best of fashion on your on passion. Got what I meant? I hope you do folks!

Alright, that will be all for today, and I hope you may gain more confidence to your self to strive what you eager to happen in life.

TomTom Jewelry

January 6, 2012


When it comes on fashion accessories, I really wanted those quirky and awesome one that can gives swag and spice on my total outfit. Because wearing the unusual accessories can really make you different to the other fashionista that might lead you for being an icon. Bear with me, thats only I look to it. LOL

Anyway, I just found these stunning accessories online and I found them dope that why I blogged them out over this blog. By the way, these pieces were made by Tomtom jewelry..:)

Equestrian Clothing

January 6, 2012


On todays fashion, not only dresses for occasions,events and some important gathering are the brands paying attention with but also in sports. Yeah if you are an sporty person you can still have swag and be fashionable by wearing these evolved sporty clothes worked by those fashion house companies these days. Good thing, because brand line companies are into sports pieces too because sport enthusiasts wants to be fashionable as well as they play their sports on.

Like for example these equestrian clothing , that we recently seen on chloes summer spring collection 2011. I must say, this piece is great way to wear as your riding your horse. Because it is comfortable enough for the sport. I think so. Alright, thats it for now and I will update you more soon related to this..Thanks folks!

Yoga Apparel

January 6, 2012


Are you attending some Yoga classes? if so, that will be great then. Because Yoga is better not only for circulating our blood cells but also for our health that can help with to get rid and avoid into those unwanted illness that we might encounter with soon. However, most of the people who are into this exercise, mostly they dont even know on what are the best yoga apparel that they have to wear on as they doing the awesome Yoga. Because as you wears this clothes, like what you are seeing on the top photo. You can feel comportable and you can do your moves freely and widely which the require on the yoga.

Trust me, wearing the well suits clothes on yoga is a must and must do. Try to search online for further info about it and for the stores where you could buy it. Thanks all and and a healthy day ahead everyone..

Awesome Pandora Jewelry Charms

January 1, 2012



Recently, I blogged out to this site that i was planning to have my own business soon do you read it? well, while I was searching for some awesome finds that I include on this blog. I accidentally seen these pandora charms sale on the online stores Id stumbled with, and yeah I must say these pandora jewelry are great way to start off a business. Because its only made of charms stones and gems that you can actually make by your own as long youll know on how to works on gems and beads. If you doesnt know then. No worries, because there were some YouTube videos that you could watch that can teach you on how to make your pandora style bracelet for your business if ever so you want it too to make your business.

Now, I searching with some discount pandora jewelry that can supply on me long time as I running my soon to be business online. I hope this may works and I will successful through it. Looking forward on that God will guide me I know it.. okay, as I can make it, I will update you here again and let see what is the outcome of it..

By the way, the Pandora jewelry has this charms and luck stones that can protect you in regards on accidents and bad luck often as people say. But theres no any proven statement about it but of course it is up to you if you will believe or not..okay, thats it for now and I hope i can give you an idea on whats on the pandora jewelry and I also looking forward for your thoughts about the jewelry as you have it done already on your end. Thanks a lot folks and have a lovely day ahead..

The Best Ring

January 1, 2012


People often got commotion on what are the best ring to wear in such occasions and instances. Some loves the gold ones, however, others fine white gold better. But what ever it would be, as long you can wear it with confidence and it really suits on your fingers well. I think, thats the best ring for you,right? even those coins rings can be also stunning and glamour as you know on how to wear it. Bottom line is, as long you were fond and feel great on your ring, it will then gives you an swag..:)

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