Calvin Klein Underwear For Men 2012

February 9, 2012



When it comes in undergarments for men. The first brand I think that will pop-out into your mind was this CK Calvin Klein. Because the brand is specialized on this line, like what victory secret do in girls underwear. Thats why men are often looking forward to, on what are the newest designs or selections that the brand will about to market per each season. And today. Ive seen this sneak peek photos of the new underwears look that CKs cooking for us all this summer season.

I evenly included the video for you to check the whole thing as youre interested to see on what CKs working for us all this spring/summer season for their collection.. By the way, those models are the one whove won on the recent CK model search.. Just want to include the info though.. Alright, thats it for now and I hope youll often visit me here..

Gucci Spring Summer Collection Campaign ads 2012

February 1, 2012






These are the campaigns ads of the fashion house company Gucci. And these pieces were also belongs on the brands spring summer collection. What do you think? do these new pieces are dope or not? on my end. I found them awesomely dope because of the clean patterns and blend of colors theyve been used on these pieces that can made each creation looks stunning and gorgeous fine.

But one thing that Ive noticed. Which, why Gucci doesnt have this market on their shoes? because I mostly heard about their bags and apparels? though they have these own selection of shoe designs. Why-oh-why? or it is just me whos not aware on their shoes thing? Okay, thats it for now and I will update you more some brands campaigns and collections soon to this blog

Heidi Merrick Spring Summer 2012 Collection

January 24, 2012



As youve been noticed on this blog,, I used to blogged some designers spring summer and some other collection as for this year 2012. Because I knew, most of the fashion enthusiasts like you are really seek on some information rather some pictures of these designers collection that can make big sooner on todays fashion market. Because these people behind those big name brands are the one whod know on what are the pieces will be on trend and most especially the thing that most people will look forward to.

Yeah fashion designers has this huge influence that can change on the whole fashion thing. Because theyre the one who make it. Thats why, we must to check them often on what pieces theyre cooking in the certain seasons. By the way, the photos on top are belongs to the Heidi Merrick Spring Summer 2012 Collection. I must say, these pieces are way better that to the others and the combination of neon colors that Heidi Merrick uses are naturally awesome thats suits on the summer.

Cute Pink Cat Tee

January 24, 2012


On todays fashion, a lot of awesome pieces that we could choose from with. There were some killer heels that can give confidence and pride on your self, there were some dope shoes too for men that can actually make them dope, and also some chic accessories that can give spice on your total outfit. Yeah every pieces in fashion has this role to attend that can generates on the whole fashion thing. And even these cat t shirts. Yes! you heard it right, because this piece is way simple than to other pieces were out on the market today, but yet, has this swag that can rocking you as you wears one. Believe me, this kind of shirt will be big soon enough..

And if you wanted to have this kind of shirt now? I suggest you to have a look on this online shop Because Ive seen a lot of customize cool shirts like this pink cat one that can surely make you different and quirky that can lead you on your own fashion statement. Trust me, being unique to other is the most important thing in the fashion world, so try to work on it if you wants to build your own style on todays fashion..

Be fab on your Prom Dress

January 18, 2012


As girls went in any events,parties or even on their prom day. They see to it that they got this chic dress with them, because girls are naturally like that, I mean for being vain. And they wanted to be look good as always. Anyway, what are the things you must to consider as you go in any events specially on the prom party?

* You must have a well fits dress in you to feel more comfortable and by then you can do whatever thing you wanted and  freely do your stuff on the event place.

* Wear your ball gown dresses that are cheap prom dresses under 200 which can make you dope that day. Yeah I swear as you wear these dresses everything will be alright.

* Be your self and enjoy the party of course. Dont be freak! Yeah thats the big NO NO.

* and if you were an cute girl, not so lucky to have this heights. I suggest you to have this little black dresses that can rock you on the event. again, trust me on this because a lot of fashion enthusiast and even fashion bloggers are used to wear that.

So yeah these are the things that you must know as you go or attend any parties not just on prom but in general gatherings. Wait, dont for get your moral values of course..LOL Okay, thats it for now and have a great weekdays everyone.

Choosing the Right Swimwear for Plus-Sized Women

January 13, 2012


Sure, finding the right fit in clothing isn’t as easy as it is to buy cosmetics online. While beach body may not be something that you really fancy but wearing a swimsuit may make you a little conscious about your body image if you are a plus-sized woman. Fashion magazines, with their eternal love for wispiest models, only make things worse in such a situation.

But now plus size women have got several reasons to rejoice for they need not wear bikinis and things that are too revealing for their taste. For them, subtle swimsuits that are a bit more concealing than the normal swimwear are just the right pick. Skirtinis (skirt suits), one pieces, or tankinis  are apt for you if you want to flaunt your curves just right along with having the benefit of hip hiding or waist slimming features.

Given below are some of the tips how you can choose the right plus size swimwear for yourself:

  • If you want to diverge the attention from your thighs and hips, present your upper body better with a nice tankini top. Alternatively, you may wear a high-cut leg bottoms.
  • Those with sexy legs can accentuate their look further by wearing something that has a great hip detail.
  • A long tankini top that touches the bottoms of your swimsuit is perfect to hide a belly bulge.
  • Do not pick lighter shades, like white; or the neon shades. Dark colors will work best to make you look slim.
  • If you want to hide a part of your thighs as well as your hips, a flared swimwear will serve your purpose.
  • Wear swimsuits with intricate necklines and tactful cut-outs to avoid any attention towards your midsection.
  • Big breasts are undoubtedly an asset during the swim season. So, be ready to flaunt off these attractive assets than making an attempt hide them.

In the end, make sure you check your swimwear for quality fabric, built-in bra, and good seams. Having a good fit is also important. Trying to squeeze yourself into a smaller sized swimsuit is not a good idea. This would bring on the attention to your bulges and even the sexiest of swimsuits will make you look bigger than you are if it’s very tight, instead of making you look shapely or hot.

Last but not least, be proud of your body. It’s their curves that make a women look sexy. So, don’t try to hide it. But make sure that you emphasize it the right way.

Samantha Lyttle is a former model and now an established fashion expert. Lyttle loves experimenting different costume wigs with dresses designed by her. You can click the link to view harry potter costumes made by her.

Forever21 rocks!

January 6, 2012



Searching online on what are the dope and nope is one of my fun daily habits. Because I may know on what are the pieces and its brands that are most people love most and nope. Today, Ive been stumbled on the one awesome fashion blog ( like this blog) who did the survey thing or collect these pieces that are been trend most of the time ( not sure though if shes the one who did the survey thing, that was only my hint though..LOL), which these pieces you were seeing on the top photos. These pieces were included on the gorgeous collection of forever21. I must say, Id often seen some girls often wearing these kind of pieces with them and till now. Though pieces were evolving into other one, they still love these designs and pieces from the brand forever21.

I think, fashion enthusiast bloggers are the one that has huge influence to people why they used to wear these kind of piece so often now..

Equestrian Clothing

January 6, 2012


On todays fashion, not only dresses for occasions,events and some important gathering are the brands paying attention with but also in sports. Yeah if you are an sporty person you can still have swag and be fashionable by wearing these evolved sporty clothes worked by those fashion house companies these days. Good thing, because brand line companies are into sports pieces too because sport enthusiasts wants to be fashionable as well as they play their sports on.

Like for example these equestrian clothing , that we recently seen on chloes summer spring collection 2011. I must say, this piece is great way to wear as your riding your horse. Because it is comfortable enough for the sport. I think so. Alright, thats it for now and I will update you more soon related to this..Thanks folks!

Yoga Apparel

January 6, 2012


Are you attending some Yoga classes? if so, that will be great then. Because Yoga is better not only for circulating our blood cells but also for our health that can help with to get rid and avoid into those unwanted illness that we might encounter with soon. However, most of the people who are into this exercise, mostly they dont even know on what are the best yoga apparel that they have to wear on as they doing the awesome Yoga. Because as you wears this clothes, like what you are seeing on the top photo. You can feel comportable and you can do your moves freely and widely which the require on the yoga.

Trust me, wearing the well suits clothes on yoga is a must and must do. Try to search online for further info about it and for the stores where you could buy it. Thanks all and and a healthy day ahead everyone..

Donghae Eunhyuk Wears Colored Blazer for their Oppa-Oppa Song (Super Junior)

January 4, 2012


Recently, Donghae & Eunhyuk debuted as duo and their got this song Oppa-Oppa. Nitizers loved their first duo song as long their awesome quirky colored blazers. Actually, colored blazers had been trend already last year summer spring collection by those brands. But since these guys are wearing it now for their song promotional I think, these colored blazers will be back in trend this year 2012.. Let see how people work on it.. I will update you as Ive seen a lot of brand line companies releasing this kind of blazer again.

This is the music video of the two guy, and I hope you may like it.. And you may also see their blazers details by watching the whole video..

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