Taeyang rockin on the leopard print nuptse jacket from The North Face x Supreme

January 28, 2012


Another Taeyang post on this blog.finkalixius.info. Because I found this guy dope and he also got an swag thats why I used to blog him up to this blog. Okay, Taeyang is wearing an  leopard print nuptse jacket from The North Face one of his major sponsor. And I must say, the leopard print jacket is way better to than simple and usual one. Because this prints is now trending on todays fashion and even those leading brands are used to make an piece that has an leopard prints on it.

So yeah Taeyang did rockin again on this piece and I hope I can got at least the same design of this jacket. Because North face is way expensive and its hard for me to get one of it..LOL at least other brands have it in the reasonable priceLOL I better to buy on the cheap one! LOL

Yoga Apparel

January 6, 2012


Are you attending some Yoga classes? if so, that will be great then. Because Yoga is better not only for circulating our blood cells but also for our health that can help with to get rid and avoid into those unwanted illness that we might encounter with soon. However, most of the people who are into this exercise, mostly they dont even know on what are the best yoga apparel that they have to wear on as they doing the awesome Yoga. Because as you wears this clothes, like what you are seeing on the top photo. You can feel comportable and you can do your moves freely and widely which the require on the yoga.

Trust me, wearing the well suits clothes on yoga is a must and must do. Try to search online for further info about it and for the stores where you could buy it. Thanks all and and a healthy day ahead everyone..

Bommie rockin on her Givenchy Skirt Rocking Louboutin Boulima Exclusive Dorsay

December 23, 2011



Givenchy Fall 2011

Printed Satin Skirt $1,375


Christian Louboutin
Boulima Exclusive Dorsay $1,016

Bommie or Park Bom is belong to the lead kpop group these days which the 2ne1. This girl had this every quirky sexy fashion sense and I know most of you will know that. Bommie is used to wear some mini skirts and some killer heels on it because that what shes assets and no doubt on that. And no aggruments.lol

On the photos on top,Bom is wearing an awesome mini skirt from the Givency fall collection 2011 that has printed satin on it, that can make the piece dope. This skirt has a price of $1,375 thats the matter, this too expensive.

About the killer heels,the shoes is from the most picked brand by celebrities which the Christian Loubountin that has a shoe name of Boulima Exclusive Dorsay. I must say, this shoe is too chic and I know most girls will be surely wants this then, the price is $1,016 what we do expect? Another expensive finds..heehhe

Alright, thats it and soon Ill be blogging another celebrities fashion and outfits..

Addicted on Shopping

December 22, 2011


Quite sometimes I really dont understand my self because I used to buy something that I actually dont needed. What do you think? do I already addicted on shopping? I hope I wont because Ive heard that if this will severe I might send to luxury top rehab centers to help me to get rid on this bad habit that Id loving to do so often. But anyways, I will just watch my self out and control it so that I may abolish this unwanted behavior on my self.

But no worries, I am still fine and thinking healthy still..so happened that I have this passion and love for shopping..hehehe alright, thats it for now and will update you more soon.

Knowing the Best Wedding Dress for you

December 15, 2011


On this blog, Finkalixius.info, I really wanted to blog something useful or informative that can really helps on my readers. Because I know most of my readers are seeking some informational things on this blog that they may use sooner or that can be just added on their knowledge.

Today, what Ive got was this Knowing the best Wedding Dress for you Ive thought this topic because as the Decembers month comes, most of the couples are getting married and either getting engaged with. Because the month has this love appeals that most people feels. A lot of girls are actually having this difficult times to decide about the proposal or in the wedding. Because they were thinking on what should be their wedding dress to be look like, because wedding is the most important events that a girl could have on their entire lives, thats why they want to see to it that this day is the best day they should have and they wore the awesome beautiful wedding dress they could have that will suits to them well.

Actually, choosing the best wedding dress for you isnt that much harder, youll just have to know your body types and the best asset of your body to emphasis it that can be accent to the Wedding Gown. For example, if youve got this quite bulky bods, you should have then the plus size wedding dresses, however, yet still you could look slim on the gown if you added some patterns and lace on the wedding dress. Just ask your designer on how you may look to it. And of course dont forget about the accessories that can give more spices on the total wedding dress.


But when youre luckily enough to have this nicely bone structures and has an slim body type then, I suggest you to have this mermaid wedding dresses from the artsy wedding shop. Because the shop is specialized on the wedding dresses(for both girls and men) and they can also work on your own designs to, which the great thing because they can considered their clients wants and need on their own wedding dress and gowns.


The key was, you should work on those specialized on this matter, so that they can suggest something awesome that can lead you having the best wedding dress or gown on your wedding day.

By the way, lemme share to you the awesome song that Ive found on YouTube titled Wedding dress. I hope you may like it to

Admissions Director Jobs

December 6, 2011

Are you jobless? but youre indeed graduated on your profession? well, I think, youll have to try this Admissions Director Jobs because this job is the most high demand job on todays industry. And not just that, because the compensation youll get on this job is way better than to those other available jobs out there. So, if I were you, I will then search some jobs that has related on this profession because I am pretty sure that you will have a great living on this job.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Jobs

September 30, 2011

Let set aside the fashion related post today because this is really important for those freshly grads like you folks. I know most of you are seeking on what are the best and suits jab on you since you are just graduated on your courses or profession, however, applying and getting the job it self was the tiring and full of competition to other applicants because jobs is indeed hard to get these days. However, you are lucky enough if you have been into medical field because theres a lot of Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Jobs that needs you, and I am surely that you wont get hard by getting any job so related on this jobs. Try it on your local hospital and youll find out that I was telling the truth. hahaah

Okay. thats it for now and I will update this blog again on some new fashion collection brands for the year 2012. This must be excited!


September 13, 2011

Korean fashion has made their spot on the international fashion industry because indeed korean had this every unique and quirky fashion that most people done hooked up, who doesnt by the way?. And mostly were done to see these awesome outfits to those Korean kpop group whod shared their talents by their music as long as to their fashion statement. Like, what I did have here now, which the all girl group so called 2ne1, actually I really loved to blog them over this blog when it comes to their fashion because theyre showing us off some cool pieces that we doesnt think of can be wear and done so dope. Thats why you usually seeing these guys fashion here.

Anyway, today, what I have for you folks was this new 2ne1 song titled UGLY, though this was an music video but yet still fashion is here because as you look into it you may notice those cool punky outfits of these girls that might interest you. Just watch the whole video and let me know what are you thinking. Thanks and thats it for now.

Im a Princess

April 14, 2011

I just saw this princess necklace photo on Google and I found it cute thats why I putted it out here. I hope the owner hasnt have any copy right of this one, so that I can still live this photo permanently on this blog. Yeah, I am a princess in my own little things and I know you evenly a princess or a prince inside of you just find your self out though, Im telling you, youll feel like you are specially. My goodness Im so positive today. haaah :)

Who wants Gold?

December 4, 2010

I know each one of you, want to have a gold bullion because i think you can see that wearing by the famous celebrities nowadays and this bullion thing is now trending to all fashion blogs around the metro and i think some magazines was indeed featured this awesome gold bullion accessories, have you seen any of this kind on your place? i bet nope because as for today you can just buy gold bullion onto those awesome jewelry shops aboard and as i got the list of the store ill definitely share it to here so that if you want to have your own you can easily contact them as i have the list then on the future..

Actually the best class of gold was this gold IRA because of its authentic style and hard to find nowadays in the market and i am telling you if you have at least one of those golds that i was telling you, youll be probably one of the luckiness person in the whole wide world because buy bullion is one of your achievement due with the demand of this kind of gold and me personally if i had some bunch of money in me, ill definitely consider my self buying any kind of this golds because not only in  fashion can be use this, but also this gold is a best of investment as well, but sad to say im just one of those people who havent a gold spoon on the mouth.

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