Diamond Bridal Ring Sets

January 9, 2012


Nowadays,  a lot of couples are planning to get married this coming months,especially in June. Because every girls dreams was to be an Junes bride.  I know right? anyway, planning the wedding is quite stressing in both girl and guy party. Because youll have to prepare all the necessarily things needed to make the wedding more special to you both couple as long to the all attendees, like your gown,tuxedo, and all the clothes of the people whore included on the wedding entourage.

However, the most special thing that youll have the best on this day was this diamond bridal sets rings for your bridge. Because this ring will be symbolize your love to her until you were together. Though still, you could pick something simple ring one but yet, having an gorgeous rings that has high value of diamond on it is something awesome more. And I assure you that your girl will love you more. Not just the fact because of the expensive rings but for the efforts and how you value your partner by giving her such dramatically expensive thing.


But of course, you could also be practical if you wouldnt afford to buy such expensive wedding ring to her. Because they were some diamond ring stores online like that can give you an great deals in any rings theyre selling on the site. Just check them and I really recommend them than to the other diamond ring stores online out there..

Equestrian Clothing

January 6, 2012


On todays fashion, not only dresses for occasions,events and some important gathering are the brands paying attention with but also in sports. Yeah if you are an sporty person you can still have swag and be fashionable by wearing these evolved sporty clothes worked by those fashion house companies these days. Good thing, because brand line companies are into sports pieces too because sport enthusiasts wants to be fashionable as well as they play their sports on.

Like for example these equestrian clothing , that we recently seen on chloes summer spring collection 2011. I must say, this piece is great way to wear as your riding your horse. Because it is comfortable enough for the sport. I think so. Alright, thats it for now and I will update you more soon related to this..Thanks folks!

Yoga Apparel

January 6, 2012


Are you attending some Yoga classes? if so, that will be great then. Because Yoga is better not only for circulating our blood cells but also for our health that can help with to get rid and avoid into those unwanted illness that we might encounter with soon. However, most of the people who are into this exercise, mostly they dont even know on what are the best yoga apparel that they have to wear on as they doing the awesome Yoga. Because as you wears this clothes, like what you are seeing on the top photo. You can feel comportable and you can do your moves freely and widely which the require on the yoga.

Trust me, wearing the well suits clothes on yoga is a must and must do. Try to search online for further info about it and for the stores where you could buy it. Thanks all and and a healthy day ahead everyone..

Donghae Eunhyuk Wears Colored Blazer for their Oppa-Oppa Song (Super Junior)

January 4, 2012


Recently, Donghae & Eunhyuk debuted as duo and their got this song Oppa-Oppa. Nitizers loved their first duo song as long their awesome quirky colored blazers. Actually, colored blazers had been trend already last year summer spring collection by those brands. But since these guys are wearing it now for their song promotional I think, these colored blazers will be back in trend this year 2012.. Let see how people work on it.. I will update you as Ive seen a lot of brand line companies releasing this kind of blazer again.

This is the music video of the two guy, and I hope you may like it.. And you may also see their blazers details by watching the whole video..

Sale Voucher for travel

December 24, 2011


Who was discounts? I know you are all raising your hand there. Because discounts really helps you to get the item you wanted in a very cheap and reasonable prices that can wont hurts on your pocket too much. Thats why peeps are getting practical these day buy searching a great deals on the items or services that want too. And mostly, on the voucher sites are usually give this can of deals.

Recently, I find my self wanting to have an vacation because I was too stressed on my work and dailies routines, however, I am still waiting though on the disney world vacation deals that those sales companies will offer then.. Let see if Ill get any voucher of this travel package.. Ill get you updated folks!

Bommie rockin on her Givenchy Skirt Rocking Louboutin Boulima Exclusive Dorsay

December 23, 2011



Givenchy Fall 2011

Printed Satin Skirt $1,375


Christian Louboutin
Boulima Exclusive Dorsay $1,016

Bommie or Park Bom is belong to the lead kpop group these days which the 2ne1. This girl had this every quirky sexy fashion sense and I know most of you will know that. Bommie is used to wear some mini skirts and some killer heels on it because that what shes assets and no doubt on that. And no

On the photos on top,Bom is wearing an awesome mini skirt from the Givency fall collection 2011 that has printed satin on it, that can make the piece dope. This skirt has a price of $1,375 thats the matter, this too expensive.

About the killer heels,the shoes is from the most picked brand by celebrities which the Christian Loubountin that has a shoe name of Boulima Exclusive Dorsay. I must say, this shoe is too chic and I know most girls will be surely wants this then, the price is $1,016 what we do expect? Another expensive finds..heehhe

Alright, thats it and soon Ill be blogging another celebrities fashion and outfits..

Addicted on Shopping

December 22, 2011


Quite sometimes I really dont understand my self because I used to buy something that I actually dont needed. What do you think? do I already addicted on shopping? I hope I wont because Ive heard that if this will severe I might send to luxury top rehab centers to help me to get rid on this bad habit that Id loving to do so often. But anyways, I will just watch my self out and control it so that I may abolish this unwanted behavior on my self.

But no worries, I am still fine and thinking healthy happened that I have this passion and love for shopping..hehehe alright, thats it for now and will update you more soon.

Lookbook: Dark Fashion

November 25, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While I am searching on the web of some thingy or pieces that I will over this site. I accidentally stumbled on the one blog that has these photos that Id find it cool, because this was my first time then to see some photography like this, indeed unusual thing, but yet, the fashion is still there. Because uniqueness of these photos are implies perfectly and the concept is truly amazing.

Actually, I dont really blog with no information things, however, on this situation let me be. Because these photos,on top, are did captured my heart in any matter that I dont explain with (LOL). So yeah, these photos are dope and stunning. If you own these, and had an rules out of them, just dont hesitate to contact me for the further credits and such thing.

Meantime, let me finish this post out. Because I needed to do my other stuff on the other blog. Thanks a lot and have a great day ahead.

Cleaning is not that tough task

November 2, 2011

Who often cleans? Nope, dont stares at me. Because cleaning is the one I hated the most. Of course, I either wants my place to be look neat and clean. (who doesnt want by the way) well, if you have this tight schedule due of your everyday activities or tasks. And doesnt have any spare time to spend for cleaning, I must suggest you to get an House cleaning service Centreville VA. Because this services offers the best cleaning package or solution base on your needs. Just ask them and Ill surely know that youll find them awesome and convenient.

Actually, I just heard them to my friend and by then Id tried them and now I can say that cleaning is not that tough task.

Seungri wearing the Nike 6.0 Akroe Fill Mens Hoodie

November 1, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Seungri had shared of his photo on the gym working out and then wearing of an Nike 6.0 Akroe Fill Mens Hoodie. The hoodie looks fine simple but stunning thats why Ive been decided to put it up on this blog, beside to the fact the celeb wears it.

The hoodie has an original price of 45usd but at this moment you may avail it for only 35usd due of the holiday sale. You may purchase this jacket in any retail Nike stores or in any online stores that are affiliated on the brand name NIKE.

Okay, thats it for now and will update you more soon and please check back for my 2ne1 go away Japanese outfits. I know most of you peeps are looking for it.

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