2012 Footwear Trends that are Ideal for 2012 Weddings

February 13, 2012

With the autumn/winter 2012 fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and New York just passed, they’ve given us plenty of inspiration as to what footwear trends will be hitting the stores later this year. With designers making a return to ladylike fashions for the modern woman, there are plenty of feminine footwear trends on the way that are perfect for bridal footwear.



For spring 2012, a cool pastel palette was seen all across the runways, from Dolce and Gabbana’s powder blues, pale green pastels at Marc Jacobs and Dior, to delicate pinks and damask rose hues at Givenchy and Oscar de la Renta. This is one of the easiest footwear trends to incorporate into your wedding look, as these delicate shades all team perfectly with white. These courts (in the nude) from  Next are ideal wedding shoes material, summing up this trend perfectly and tying in the trend for patent leather too.



Mules were by far and away the biggest shoe trend for A/W 2012. These slip on classics make for ideal wedding shoes, as they’re ultra feminine and also ultra comfortable. Mules are easy to slip into and out of when you need a change of footwear between the ceremony and reception too. The 2012 take on this classic shoe shape saw designers revamping the style with intricate gold beading, chic pale silver and pastel striped uppers – all easy to incorporate into your wedding look.



The floral them is everywhere this year, from dainty tiny blossom patterns to bold monochrome floral prints. Designers also incorporated the flower power theme into footwear and accessories, both with prints and floral detailing, like bud adornments and 3D flower accents. This is the perfect footwear trend for those planning a spring wedding this year, tying in beautifully with the blossoming season ahead. There’s a great overview of the trend, with more floral footwear inspiration, over at Vogue.



 Last year may have been all about the 1970s, but for 2012, there’s a real 1920s trend underway. The catwalks at Gucci, Ralph Lauren and, most spectacularly at Gucci, were filled with flowing flapper dresses, dropped waistlines and tassles, teamed with 1920s footwear styles. If you’re thinking about giving your wedding a vintage theme, the roaring twenties is where it’s at. Look out for flapper girl wedding shoes, intricate bead detailing, and for instant 20s glamour, add a delicate cloche hat to top of the look.


Be hip, Be on trend wear this Maxi Dress

February 9, 2012


I mostly noticed those chic girls these days are often wearing this so called Maxi Dress. Actually, I dont know this yet but its actually trending for girls on todays fashion. This dress usually tube and has this long back.. Sorry, I dunno the fashion terms for it. hahah Bear with me then, But all I can was. This dress is pretty cool and girls definitely will look gorgeous and chic.

You may buy this dress anywhere and everywhere since the kind of dress is now trending worldwide, might your fav brand has this dress already, you better to check on it. And by the way, dont forget to pair this dress in a swag killer heels to bring the elegant looking appeal in you. :) Alright, thats it for now and soon I will be updating you more on mens trend outfits and pieces.Thanks!

Prada 1950s fin heels Spring Summer 2012

January 20, 2012





Most of the brand of shoes like Christian Louboutin,Adidas and this Prada are now started to release their each season campaign or collection. Today, what I have was this Prada girls shoes that is inspired in 1950s fin heels I think so. And I must say, these shoes are way different than to the usual shoes weve seen often in the market. Because the material that Prada used is kinda plastic thing but yet, I dunno what is the exact material, its looked like that by the way ( bear with me) But all in all, these shoes are great and can be suits in any gatherings and events you may have soon.. So you may better to have one..:)

Choosing the Right Swimwear for Plus-Sized Women

January 13, 2012


Sure, finding the right fit in clothing isn’t as easy as it is to buy cosmetics online. While beach body may not be something that you really fancy but wearing a swimsuit may make you a little conscious about your body image if you are a plus-sized woman. Fashion magazines, with their eternal love for wispiest models, only make things worse in such a situation.

But now plus size women have got several reasons to rejoice for they need not wear bikinis and things that are too revealing for their taste. For them, subtle swimsuits that are a bit more concealing than the normal swimwear are just the right pick. Skirtinis (skirt suits), one pieces, or tankinis  are apt for you if you want to flaunt your curves just right along with having the benefit of hip hiding or waist slimming features.

Given below are some of the tips how you can choose the right plus size swimwear for yourself:

  • If you want to diverge the attention from your thighs and hips, present your upper body better with a nice tankini top. Alternatively, you may wear a high-cut leg bottoms.
  • Those with sexy legs can accentuate their look further by wearing something that has a great hip detail.
  • A long tankini top that touches the bottoms of your swimsuit is perfect to hide a belly bulge.
  • Do not pick lighter shades, like white; or the neon shades. Dark colors will work best to make you look slim.
  • If you want to hide a part of your thighs as well as your hips, a flared swimwear will serve your purpose.
  • Wear swimsuits with intricate necklines and tactful cut-outs to avoid any attention towards your midsection.
  • Big breasts are undoubtedly an asset during the swim season. So, be ready to flaunt off these attractive assets than making an attempt hide them.

In the end, make sure you check your swimwear for quality fabric, built-in bra, and good seams. Having a good fit is also important. Trying to squeeze yourself into a smaller sized swimsuit is not a good idea. This would bring on the attention to your bulges and even the sexiest of swimsuits will make you look bigger than you are if it’s very tight, instead of making you look shapely or hot.

Last but not least, be proud of your body. It’s their curves that make a women look sexy. So, don’t try to hide it. But make sure that you emphasize it the right way.

Samantha Lyttle is a former model and now an established fashion expert. Lyttle loves experimenting different costume wigs with dresses designed by her. You can click the link to view harry potter costumes made by her.

Lips Tattoo for girls?

January 2, 2012


OMG, thats the only word that I say when Ive heard that most girls are having an tattooed lips  than having their natural lips color on nor an lipstick instead. Because I dont get the point why they should tattoo their lips than having it natural or it will just add on some colors through it using an awesome lipsticks? thats better I think, than wearing an tattoo lips..hahah Because tattoo is forever and you can bring it till you get older that you couldnt abolish at all.

Okay, STILL, its up to you then as you have it because at the first place thats your decision and youll just the one wholl suffer soon as you have it. Though, this was only my opinion about having an tattoo lips for girls but yet, I respect you on what youd like to have and done on your body..

Bommie rockin on her Givenchy Skirt Rocking Louboutin Boulima Exclusive Dorsay

December 23, 2011



Givenchy Fall 2011

Printed Satin Skirt $1,375


Christian Louboutin
Boulima Exclusive Dorsay $1,016

Bommie or Park Bom is belong to the lead kpop group these days which the 2ne1. This girl had this every quirky sexy fashion sense and I know most of you will know that. Bommie is used to wear some mini skirts and some killer heels on it because that what shes assets and no doubt on that. And no

On the photos on top,Bom is wearing an awesome mini skirt from the Givency fall collection 2011 that has printed satin on it, that can make the piece dope. This skirt has a price of $1,375 thats the matter, this too expensive.

About the killer heels,the shoes is from the most picked brand by celebrities which the Christian Loubountin that has a shoe name of Boulima Exclusive Dorsay. I must say, this shoe is too chic and I know most girls will be surely wants this then, the price is $1,016 what we do expect? Another expensive finds..heehhe

Alright, thats it and soon Ill be blogging another celebrities fashion and outfits..

Inspired By Animals Diamond Rings

December 23, 2011




These past few days, Id often blogged something jewelry on this blog because I was trying to balance it up all of the contents on the blog. And also, I needed to blog them out because they are the most talk about pieces on todays fashion & Jewelry industry. Yeah most fashion enthusiast are looking forward on 2012s jewelry set especially on this diamond rings. Because they were some new designs that has selection of stones,diamonds and all together that they been used to it. And Im telling about these animal inspired diamond rings that you may see on top photos. Those are the new pieces that will be surely trend on this upcoming year,2012,because most of the fashion guru are keep on telling this and even those well brands all over the world. So, we did expect this for this year 2012.

I had to admit, that these jewelry-diamond rings are indeed chic and fabulous because this quite unusual on the usual diamond rings weve known,however,we do expect it as well that these designs rather animal inspired rings are way expensive than to those we knew simple rings.

Buy Watches Online –

November 26, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Big watches Are Impressive Good Quality

There are a lot of good brands in the world, but I like most Wenger, the makers of the original Swiss pocket-knife. I got a Wenger watch as a gift long ago and also works now. They are very easy to read, affordable, and holds up against a lot of amount of moisture and bangs. After so many years I have never experienced a watch that looks so new. When you buy a Wenger, it means you never have to buy a new brand of watch.

Which watches are scratch resistant?

They present three types of crystals found in the Watches industry: acrylic, mineral and sapphire. Acrylic is a simple plastic that does not prevent scratching, but helps to polish the scratches out. Mineral is glass, which includes several elements that stops scratching. Sapphire crystal is the first choice for exclusive watches. It is the most expensive type of crystal and is three times harder than mineral. It is made of a very durable synthetic material which makes it very durable and scratch resistant.

invicta Watches In Gold

Invicta is proven as one of Americas most popular designs. MK5222 is a ladies watch with guldtonad color and is both functional as it is stylish. This gold watch uses Japanese quartz and is a watch with a sports model with gold plate and gold-colored steel link. The hands on this invicta watch is also in gold, which fits nicely with black Arabic numerals. The time is totally in stainless steel. Some other features it has is a chronograph and date.

The invicta watches

invicta watches are recognized as one of Americas greatest designers. invicta MK5222 is a ladies watch with guldtonad color and is both functional as it is stylish. This gold watch uses Japanese quartz and is a watch with a sports model with guldtonad Painting & gold colored steel bracelet. The hands on this Kors watch is also gold, which fits nicely with black numbers. Brand The clock is made entirely of stainless steel. Other features include the date and chronograph.

big watches, not only to be followed in time

Womens Watches has existed for centuries and their basic purpose is to tell the time. But while the concept has changed & they here inventions are now used to, except to show only time but also as a really neat accessory for fashion-oriented men and women. This means that the clock is a multi-page thing that deserves to be examined without fail. Wenger is very stylish and can be used often for purely fashion.


September 13, 2011

Korean fashion has made their spot on the international fashion industry because indeed korean had this every unique and quirky fashion that most people done hooked up, who doesnt by the way?. And mostly were done to see these awesome outfits to those Korean kpop group whod shared their talents by their music as long as to their fashion statement. Like, what I did have here now, which the all girl group so called 2ne1, actually I really loved to blog them over this blog when it comes to their fashion because theyre showing us off some cool pieces that we doesnt think of can be wear and done so dope. Thats why you usually seeing these guys fashion here.

Anyway, today, what I have for you folks was this new 2ne1 song titled UGLY, though this was an music video but yet still fashion is here because as you look into it you may notice those cool punky outfits of these girls that might interest you. Just watch the whole video and let me know what are you thinking. Thanks and thats it for now.

My new blog and my cousins new blog

July 12, 2011

Yes! I have new blog that is actually another fashion blog because as we all know that I used to blog something about K-pop fashion on this blog as long to my other blog Anyways, this new domain had a domain name of that I dont know  if I can consistently updating it due of the workloads on my other blogs that are giving me a monthly revenue. But still I, believing on the saying, if theres a will theres the way,right? Okay, will try to manage this blog together of my well known blogs and hopefully this new blog of mine will be then well known as well liked what my other blogs did.

Since I have this kind heart (LOL) and my blog is really open in any brand awareness thingy, let me then promote my cousin blog on this blog. Because her blog is indeed poor when its come on backlinks and such thing, because the blog had this pr4 before but now right after the Google updated, the blog has been dropped into n/a that can make her worried thats why she asked an favour to me if I can put her link in any of my blog post for the backlink proposes as long to her blog promotional. By the way, her blog was the and maybe youve been stumbled already on the blog. Okay, thats it for now and I hope I can be a help on my cousin to have her pr4 back on her blog. Thanks

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