Donghae Eunhyuk Wears Colored Blazer for their Oppa-Oppa Song (Super Junior)

January 4, 2012


Recently, Donghae & Eunhyuk debuted as duo and their got this song Oppa-Oppa. Nitizers loved their first duo song as long their awesome quirky colored blazers. Actually, colored blazers had been trend already last year summer spring collection by those brands. But since these guys are wearing it now for their song promotional I think, these colored blazers will be back in trend this year 2012.. Let see how people work on it.. I will update you as Ive seen a lot of brand line companies releasing this kind of blazer again.

This is the music video of the two guy, and I hope you may like it.. And you may also see their blazers details by watching the whole video..

Balmain Jeans for men

August 16, 2011

I love jeans more than more. But Id also into brand of course. Thats why these 2 designs of balmain jeans here are the things can really make me happy, because I aiming to have them into my hand though they were indeed expensive to have but yet still they were some replicas out there that can make my eagerness in reality. Which having these styles of jeans here. Actually, what these jeans appeals me was this design on its leg. The one the line on it as you zoom the photo youll see it. Because this was my first time then to see such kind of mens jeans out to the market which indeed fashion and quirky that I know most of the guys out there are find the same thing like I did.

If I dont mistaken, Balmain jeans are ranging 1000-2000 British Pounds thats why this jeans is the most talk about piece on the fashion industry these days.

Dsquared2 Summer/Spring 2011 Collection

June 26, 2011

On the video, you may see some of the set summer collection of the brand name Dsquared2 that I know most of us guys are looking to wear off on this season, Yeah! the collection was all about mens clothing that we usually seen on the brand. And I think short with a pair of blazer on it is a really dope style on this collection, though weve seen it already on the other brands collections but yet still combination and mix and matches is a must that the Dsquared2 had. Thats why I liked this collection more than anything.

Coolest wardrobe on todays trend for men

June 18, 2011

On todays trend. There were a lot of awesome pieces that you can choose from. There was some skinny pants and jeans, quirky shoes and red sole heels for women and a lot more. But for me this style is my picked to all of those trends pieces, why? becuase the outfit is indeed cool on the eye and it is really suits out to our weather as well thats why I likey this outfit much.

Who wouldnt thought that the blazer can be pair on shorts? at first no one. But when the people used to love the fashion and trying new mix and matches clothes, theyll found out that this was a great outfit that can be added on your wardrobe which did true. Because now this outfit is been added on my list of wardrobe. That you may see me wearing soon.:)

Womens Plus Size Clothing

June 7, 2011

I love fashion we all knew that. Thats  Id often blogged something about that has related into it. Right? and its given that I use to love clothes and outfits as well because fashion is apparel. But I have this thinking, what if sooner Ill become a big mum? Yeah! its run on the family that every time we were got married and got a kids then we girls are becoming so big like what did you see on the photo on top. My concern was, do I still look fashionable by then on as Ive got this bulky body soon? and do the plus size jeans rather plus size denim jeans suits on me perfectly that I wasnt imagine that I can wear off. I dunno, but Ill see to it on that time Ill be more fashionable, though I was a big mum if ever.

Actually I was a fan of Mustang jeans and I am pretty sure that Ill be look more beautiful  as I wear this off soon as I become a big hot mum.LOL So if I were you and got this BIG problem in you. I mean your big body, no worries you can still look beautiful by finding some good quality of Womens Plus Size Clothing online. And I refer you to take a look on this online store namely wherein a lot of big sizes of clothes are in there that I pretty sure that you can be IN on trend.

Leopard Dress is trending

May 30, 2011

Indeed. Leopard dresses are now trending on the fashion industries nowadays though they  quite hip quite awhile but theyre like off and on on trend. But this spring /summer season the leopard prints dresses are the best piece to wear off.

Acid Wash Jeans

April 8, 2011

2011 is the acid wash jeans, Yeah it is, becuase a lot of people are wearing this nowadays, Thats why I am seeking such great one for me though. I think this kind of jeans will perfectly suits on me becuase Im just a skinny gal that has Popsicle thighs. Okay, will posted some photos as soon I got this jean. Thats it for now and have a great weekend everyone.

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