Heidi Merrick Spring Summer 2012 Collection

January 24, 2012



As youve been noticed on this blog,, I used to blogged some designers spring summer and some other collection as for this year 2012. Because I knew, most of the fashion enthusiasts like you are really seek on some information rather some pictures of these designers collection that can make big sooner on todays fashion market. Because these people behind those big name brands are the one whod know on what are the pieces will be on trend and most especially the thing that most people will look forward to.

Yeah fashion designers has this huge influence that can change on the whole fashion thing. Because theyre the one who make it. Thats why, we must to check them often on what pieces theyre cooking in the certain seasons. By the way, the photos on top are belongs to the Heidi Merrick Spring Summer 2012 Collection. I must say, these pieces are way better that to the others and the combination of neon colors that Heidi Merrick uses are naturally awesome thats suits on the summer.

Emily Bs addicted on Christian Louboutin Shoes?

January 13, 2012



On the fashion news recently, Emily B revealed her collection of Christian Louboutin shoes. Actually, everyones loves to have any christian louboutin shoes, both girls and men, because this brand had these awesome quirky and uniqueness designs that can make you dope and a lot of celebrities are looking up to the brand.

Emily B got interviewed by Pynk. And she revealed that she already had 200 pair of shoes from the brand. What? that much? I know, youll quite envy to her becuase she almost got all the designs of Christian Louboutin that everyones likes..

Alright, thats it for now and i will update you more of celebrity fashion and news..Thanks a lot!

Lips Tattoo for girls?

January 2, 2012


OMG, thats the only word that I say when Ive heard that most girls are having an tattooed lips  than having their natural lips color on nor an lipstick instead. Because I dont get the point why they should tattoo their lips than having it natural or it will just add on some colors through it using an awesome lipsticks? thats better I think, than wearing an tattoo lips..hahah Because tattoo is forever and you can bring it till you get older that you couldnt abolish at all.

Okay, STILL, its up to you then as you have it because at the first place thats your decision and youll just the one wholl suffer soon as you have it. Though, this was only my opinion about having an tattoo lips for girls but yet, I respect you on what youd like to have and done on your body..

Addicted on Shopping

December 22, 2011


Quite sometimes I really dont understand my self because I used to buy something that I actually dont needed. What do you think? do I already addicted on shopping? I hope I wont because Ive heard that if this will severe I might send to luxury top rehab centers to help me to get rid on this bad habit that Id loving to do so often. But anyways, I will just watch my self out and control it so that I may abolish this unwanted behavior on my self.

But no worries, I am still fine and thinking healthy happened that I have this passion and love for shopping..hehehe alright, thats it for now and will update you more soon.

Taeyangs Military Looks

December 21, 2011


Weve often seen Taeyang wearing some Military looks as he came up on his live performances. I know, most of you would like to know on what are the brands of these military jackets that he did wore on his past performances. Actually, most of the time Taeyang is more on Balmain when it comes on Military Jackets because the brand has these selection of designs for both girls and men for their military jackets that most celebrities are wearing these days. Thats why I suggested you to take a look on the balmain collection and you might see all of these military jackets he did wore on the photo on top.

About the pricing range? sorry, I dont know further information about it. Just check on the nearest stores rather search it on over Google for the details

Pay my Bills

December 20, 2011

December month is a dept month. Because youll be needed to buy some presents not only for your love ones and family members but also in some best friends and people that are nears to your heart. Thats why I am quite stressed on how I can manage my paycheck, to the sense that I wont still get my ach payment due of some holidays. My goodness gracious, I hope I can buy all things before the Christmas day. Lets all pray..hahah Okay, thats it for now and I will updated you soon regarding this..

Yoyojam for Christmas

December 18, 2011

2 days left and once again were all celebrating our lord birthday which the Christmas day. On this day, people are use to give some presents for their loved ones,family and to everyone especially for kids. Because christmas is all about kids then..

Kids are also used to believed on santa clause,a man who gives presents to all kids out there who made the whole year kind heart, but we adult knew that Santa doesnt exist because were knew that we just saying it just for kids to have gifts on the day and be a beter kids for the next whole year..haha so,if you were planning to give some presents on your kids or siblings, youll better to give her or him an yoyojam because this game is now trending for kids game thats why I am pretty sure that they will surely loved this..

Admissions Director Jobs

December 6, 2011

Are you jobless? but youre indeed graduated on your profession? well, I think, youll have to try this Admissions Director Jobs because this job is the most high demand job on todays industry. And not just that, because the compensation youll get on this job is way better than to those other available jobs out there. So, if I were you, I will then search some jobs that has related on this profession because I am pretty sure that you will have a great living on this job.

Buy your printable vounchers instead

November 23, 2011

There were some new finds that people are getting crazed these days, which this Bed bath and beyond printable coupon , yeah coupon codes and vouchers printable is the most demand or consider on this season. Because people are too wise these days to buy these expensive things which actually they can get it buy the discounted or sale prices using the printable voucher. Actually, this offers from those voucher companies online are really great because they can really brings people on the right place to buy and at the same time, people are too convenient and happy having their products on the cheap price. Awesome,right? this idea is indeed amazing I must say!

A lot of people are offering this services, but bear with it because they were some fraud companies as well who are trying to steal your money and make you realize that buying online is such a scam. which the wrong misconception. Because, yeah! theres real companies who are offering these great deals that we all wanted, just search on them via Google and make sure that the companies are residing where you based with. But rest assured, Bed bath and beyond printable coupons are legit to avail, so, what are you waiting for? get your bed bath printable voucher and serve it as your gift this coming holidays. :)

Lets unwind, play online

November 23, 2011

Being a blogger isnt that easy tasks. Yeah! Im telling you. Because youll be needed to learn on how to work on your time, and at the same time on how to dealing on people. Especially on your clients and advertisers.

Blogging is a way different on the real job, however, I must say, blogger or Internet marketer, this job, are a lot more opportunities than working outside. Because you were actually working already into those big companies abroad. Awesome,right? Though, youll have to sacrifice your own sake, what I meant is. Your social life doesnt that have active. Because on this job, youll have to be online at least 8-15 hours, and quite sometimes that range of working time arent enough to do all of your tasks to attend. Yeah that was the bad thing I must say.

However,one thing that Ive learned with, which we can also have ways to spend and get to unwind online. And these was online casino gambling. Because you can play online through it and at the same time you may have this changes to win some awesome prizes and even some serious bucks.

I am too excited to try it by my own. And let see on how I can deal with it, I will let you know pretty soon once Ive done trying it. Thanks folks!

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