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Taeyangs Military Looks

December 21, 2011


Weve often seen Taeyang wearing some Military looks as he came up on his live performances. I know, most of you would like to know on what are the brands of these military jackets that he did wore on his past performances. Actually, most of the time Taeyang is more on Balmain when it comes on Military Jackets because the brand has these selection of designs for both girls and men for their military jackets that most celebrities are wearing these days. Thats why I suggested you to take a look on the balmain collection and you might see all of these military jackets he did wore on the photo on top.

About the pricing range? sorry, I dont know further information about it. Just check on the nearest stores rather search it on over Google for the details

David and Victoria Beckham Arrive at the Royal Wedding

May 9, 2011

Recently weve been witnessed the most awaited wedding of the century which is the The Royal wedding of Prince Williams and now the new Princess Kate. On the said event, fashion enthusiast eye are more focus on those invited friends, celebrities and highend political people on what theyre wearing on the wedding and I think the most noticeable couple of that day was the beckham couple because they both arrived so glamorous with their back suits and black dress.

Best Summer Outfits?

April 28, 2011

Recently, Me and my family are off to the resort that is near to us here. The resort isnt that luxurious but yet still they were a lot of scenery where you can be seen on the place. Now I was here, blogging this out  to share with you guys some of my taken photos wearing my summer outfits. I hope youll like it as much I do.




I am not into brands, really! as long I was comfortably on the dress, Im good to go, like on this outfit. On this outfit as you can see theres no something special on it, I just wore this shirt out and there it is. I even dont have any accessories with me on this pictures because I just want to see me so simply at it is.



Just love this blue dress, becuase when ever I wear this I feel like Im fresh and too summer. Alright, thats it for now and soon ill be sharing some of my pictures here wearing my stuff on.

Snap photos with friends

April 14, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ive been told to you that I am indeed busy nowadays becuase I was preparing on my up coming 18th birthday this Monday, Actually my real birthday date was April 11 but due of the family problems that were recently had( my uncle died ) my parents and I, were decided to move it this Monday as a respect to my beloved uncle. On that time, Im quite sad and bored thats why Ive been decided to check my old and recent photos on my computers folder. And look what I got here, on the first photo. I was on the mall there while the other remaining 2 photos on top was taken on my aunt house together with my childhood friend named Aura, seeing these photos is truly amused me with a reason I dont know. LOL so yeah, thats it for now and soon enough will post some photo shoot photos here that will added on my fresh lookbook account. :)

Too busy lately

April 3, 2011

I was about to share some pictures of me, wearing my style rather outfit for today, but Im indeed busy nowadays on my daily tasks and I think I will available to get photo shoot for it by the last week of this month, I hope I can make it earlier so that I may show of my self them over this blog. Because a lot of clients are asking me where are my photos was, because they dont me see posting my self out over this blog then, but will try to put some this month, so please get update your self as often as you can, thank you so much all dear.

What is flagstone

February 6, 2011

FLAGSTONE WALKWAY Pictures, Images and Photos

Actually, this was the first time when i heard this flagstone thingy, beside i am not an land scaper  or what so ever to know about this flagstone stuff,  and yeah i am too empty brain on this but as i researched it and found some sample photos, i found out that this flagstone patio design is the best ever that we can use to make our houses and even garden beautiful, why? because look into the photo on top, is truly nice to see if your garden has this flagtone on it and not just that because some companies are offering this custom  made of flagstone that you might craze with, because you can design your own flagstone and evenly,you can choose on their pre designs then, So you, do you want to have any of this kind on your house? if so,just check the link given inside this content and i hope the direct site can help you a lot to have a better flagstone for you.

Melissa,Joross and Dara wacky shots!

January 18, 2011

Last January 9,2011 been blogged rather published a post regarding on dara that shes in the country(philippines) but people wouldnt know on what the reason(s) shes brings her back her because we all know that her career was pretty alive and busyness all the way, well i think friendship is stronger than having a great career?LOL so yeah, indeed Dara visited the philippines just to get attend on her best friend party which is Melissa ricks and to have some rest as well i believe because id seen some photos on the net that dara was went in subic? not sure though but let me check on it first then if i can confirm it, ill definitely share some pictures here that to be included on my picture of the day! so yeah thats it for now and please do check out my next post on this blog,thanks!

Simple Cake!

January 7, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPicjust want to share with you this simple cake photo that ive been taken and yeah i find it cool thats why i am including here to my picture of the day category and maybe by the next ill be considering to be a photographer someday wholl never know..LOL ok this may have for today and sorry for the shortness on this post..thanks

Lovely Birthdays Gifts

January 6, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Im too Overwhelmed and loved by receiving these such lovely gifts on my birthday last december 06,2010 and sorry if this quite late though now, anyways these wonderful and priceless gifts are from my boyfriend who lives in the other side of the world, though were having this unusual relationship thats called long distance but we see to it that we can bound our self together i mean spending quality time to each other by chatting and video call that we often do, i hope  we can be together now and i really miss him so much..:)

Ok thats it for now and i dont wanna be too emotional on this page, thanks a lot and have a blessed day everyone, no worries we still strong and just waiting for the right time though..

We Had Fun!

January 5, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After weve been celebrating the new years eve last January 01,2011 youve been decided at the first daylight of the year, that we have something to do with it, to make the new years fun memorable and yeah weve been all decided to go out, go to the mall and eat a lot of course, look im quite full then a on the photos on top and even my aunt who is wearing the white blouse..LOL anyways indeed fun and we do hope that very year we can have this kind of quality time to each other but i do referring on my relatives becasue we family we use to have our own quality time so often..

Anyways just got two photos on it though theres a tons stored on my computer but let me posted these 2 photos right now though because i had another post out to them, by the way the little cute princess on the top was my niece then, isnt my baby ok just want to clear things out, ok thats it for now and by tomorrow ill posting some pictures though,thanks a lot and god bless all

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