Taeyang rockin on the leopard print nuptse jacket from The North Face x Supreme

January 28, 2012


Another Taeyang post on this Because I found this guy dope and he also got an swag thats why I used to blog him up to this blog. Okay, Taeyang is wearing an  leopard print nuptse jacket from The North Face one of his major sponsor. And I must say, the leopard print jacket is way better to than simple and usual one. Because this prints is now trending on todays fashion and even those leading brands are used to make an piece that has an leopard prints on it.

So yeah Taeyang did rockin again on this piece and I hope I can got at least the same design of this jacket. Because North face is way expensive and its hard for me to get one of it..LOL at least other brands have it in the reasonable priceLOL I better to buy on the cheap one! LOL

Yoga Apparel

January 6, 2012


Are you attending some Yoga classes? if so, that will be great then. Because Yoga is better not only for circulating our blood cells but also for our health that can help with to get rid and avoid into those unwanted illness that we might encounter with soon. However, most of the people who are into this exercise, mostly they dont even know on what are the best yoga apparel that they have to wear on as they doing the awesome Yoga. Because as you wears this clothes, like what you are seeing on the top photo. You can feel comportable and you can do your moves freely and widely which the require on the yoga.

Trust me, wearing the well suits clothes on yoga is a must and must do. Try to search online for further info about it and for the stores where you could buy it. Thanks all and and a healthy day ahead everyone..

Lips Tattoo for girls?

January 2, 2012


OMG, thats the only word that I say when Ive heard that most girls are having an tattooed lips  than having their natural lips color on nor an lipstick instead. Because I dont get the point why they should tattoo their lips than having it natural or it will just add on some colors through it using an awesome lipsticks? thats better I think, than wearing an tattoo lips..hahah Because tattoo is forever and you can bring it till you get older that you couldnt abolish at all.

Okay, STILL, its up to you then as you have it because at the first place thats your decision and youll just the one wholl suffer soon as you have it. Though, this was only my opinion about having an tattoo lips for girls but yet, I respect you on what youd like to have and done on your body..

The Best Ring

January 1, 2012


People often got commotion on what are the best ring to wear in such occasions and instances. Some loves the gold ones, however, others fine white gold better. But what ever it would be, as long you can wear it with confidence and it really suits on your fingers well. I think, thats the best ring for you,right? even those coins rings can be also stunning and glamour as you know on how to wear it. Bottom line is, as long you were fond and feel great on your ring, it will then gives you an swag..:)

Winter is killing me

December 18, 2011

Yeah- I hated the cold breeze though holidays are the best but the weather is kinda killing me that I most hate about. And also, why my parents are used to then organized an family gathering and they often made it as a pool party. My goodness,I dont know if Ill attend on my parents party this but if they do have this electric pool heater Ill definitely come. Because it can helps on the water pool to be warm and can able for my end to have fun on the pool.. Let see if they will buy me one..hehe Ill update you soon..

Lets unwind, play online

November 23, 2011

Being a blogger isnt that easy tasks. Yeah! Im telling you. Because youll be needed to learn on how to work on your time, and at the same time on how to dealing on people. Especially on your clients and advertisers.

Blogging is a way different on the real job, however, I must say, blogger or Internet marketer, this job, are a lot more opportunities than working outside. Because you were actually working already into those big companies abroad. Awesome,right? Though, youll have to sacrifice your own sake, what I meant is. Your social life doesnt that have active. Because on this job, youll have to be online at least 8-15 hours, and quite sometimes that range of working time arent enough to do all of your tasks to attend. Yeah that was the bad thing I must say.

However,one thing that Ive learned with, which we can also have ways to spend and get to unwind online. And these was online casino gambling. Because you can play online through it and at the same time you may have this changes to win some awesome prizes and even some serious bucks.

I am too excited to try it by my own. And let see on how I can deal with it, I will let you know pretty soon once Ive done trying it. Thanks folks!

Cleaning is not that tough task

November 2, 2011

Who often cleans? Nope, dont stares at me. Because cleaning is the one I hated the most. Of course, I either wants my place to be look neat and clean. (who doesnt want by the way) well, if you have this tight schedule due of your everyday activities or tasks. And doesnt have any spare time to spend for cleaning, I must suggest you to get an House cleaning service Centreville VA. Because this services offers the best cleaning package or solution base on your needs. Just ask them and Ill surely know that youll find them awesome and convenient.

Actually, I just heard them to my friend and by then Id tried them and now I can say that cleaning is not that tough task.

Try to Study Online

June 15, 2011

Online is the right and best venue for us all folks to learn. Yeah it is, becuase on online rather using our internet we can definitely reach those information that we wanting to know about and learn to it then after. A lot of programs that are out on the internet nowadays that can help us to learn,but you know what? there was some Online Universities and Online Colleges that we might to consider with as you have this eagerness to learn like you are on the ordinary school. Actually this was suggested to those busy mums and to those students that are working on day time. But still everyone can try this out, like for example on my situation. I used to work online and I dont have any spared time then to go in any colleges school here where did I residing becuase I prioritized my job than other all.

But this recently Ive heard that there was an online degree programs in fine arts that I can take online which is saving time on me becuase I can still do my all work without the limits and as long I got this time. By then, I can open my school online program to catch up my lessons. Which pretty good on my end. By the way if you wanted to enroll online. I suggested you to take a look on this website for the free application For Federal Student.

Free From Money Problem

June 11, 2011

It is always recommended to keep extra bucks on you wallet or bank for emergency purposes. Doing this thing, we can all avoid having payment troubles or other unwanted scenario when it comes to money and other expenses. However, there are also other ways to help you out when facing such problem like this. There are variety of ways which can help you gather an amount of money to be spent on whatever thing you need. If its for a service, rental, goods, products etc. One of this ways is applying for a Payday Advance. This is what most of the people do today to collect money easily. This transaction is based online. So everything that you will do from applying up to submitting, will all be online. Aside from it is hassle-free it is also a way to avoid delays and consuming much time. There are few requirements that you need to have. All your concerns will be talked about. Youll be speaking to their loan representative for all your inquiries. This is very famous especially to the western part of the world. If you are living in USA and was already approved to avail your payday advance, then you going to have it on your hands right after the next business day. That is how fast the transaction is. So, you dont have to worry for money problems like this. All you need to do is to be knowledgeable with all these options available. Then choose the best option.

Best Gift For Christmas

December 5, 2010

I know you had this problem on what certain gift that you should give to a particular person this coming holidays, it could be your relatives,family and so on and material things was doesnt enough i think so to gift on your love ones because it might show on how they so importantly they are by giving them a gift that they may treasure long time, yeah you should also consider that one, and buy gold coins is the one that i looked is the great present to give with, why? because the gold coins has this meaning of importance and love to care and as a person receive this kind of gift on the christmas day i am pretty sure that theyll definitely touched and treasure what you had been through, though the gold coins was quite expensive but the valued that you can shown was indeed priceless, trust me this will be great..

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