Clae shoes

August 16, 2011

I love sneakers these days becuase Ive been decided to collect some. And now, one of my list to have was these 2 Clae kicks that are posted on top. Because as I saw these 2 kicks, theyre like the christian mens kicks,right? that can make me crazed on these 2 shoes here. My goodness, now I was searching where could I buy these 2 shoes whether online or in the near stores here where did I reside.

As for today, I dunno how much these shoes cost. Maybe after I bought them soon I can be then update this post for the prices and additional information on each shoes. No worries, will let you know. Okay, thats it for now folks. Thanks!

Plaid shirt is a trend

July 8, 2011

On todays fashion a lot of new pieces that are out on market that claims that they were dope and trends due of the competition of the brand names that can bring to you on the situation for being a fashion victim. Why I know? because Ive been experienced it previously thats why I dont wanna to be done on you as well. Okay, if you wanted to be hip and cool I think first thing that you should have was this confidence and knowledge on what are hot and not because on this simple ways I think, you can bring your self into nicely simply look that you wanted to have in you. And of course new trend clothes like this plain shirt will enhance the whole outfit in you. Trust me buh! ^_^

Lady GAGA Fashion

May 20, 2011

David and Victoria Beckham Arrive at the Royal Wedding

May 9, 2011

Recently weve been witnessed the most awaited wedding of the century which is the The Royal wedding of Prince Williams and now the new Princess Kate. On the said event, fashion enthusiast eye are more focus on those invited friends, celebrities and highend political people on what theyre wearing on the wedding and I think the most noticeable couple of that day was the beckham couple because they both arrived so glamorous with their back suits and black dress.

Nursing Scrubs!

February 12, 2011

Are you seeking with some cheapest nursing scrubs? I know you are because nowadays nursing is really demand work in the whole world( I believed) or rather youre still taking up some collages courses that is in related for being a nurse someday,If you are, I know youre often asking where to buy cheap scrubs for you to wear off, because we had to admit that having at least one scrubs on you, can rarely hurt on your pocket that is why considering nursing uniform is the best thing that we can do, but yet still having your own scrubs clothing is the best thing you could have.

Alright, i hope this post can quite help on you to find out which the best scrubs that you should have as you wanted to have any so,ok thats it for now and im looking forward on your reply too soon.thanks!

No Red Flag already!

January 15, 2011

Yeah i admit before that this blog is flooded of these annoying red flags in Googles eye that is why maybe some broker companies who can give me a great opportunities using this blog wont let this blog in on their network due of those artificial posts that they may seeing through Google search engine as they reviewing this blog way back time, actually i dont even know this at first but when such company reviewed this site for their approval i found out that deleting your old post might brings your blog turns on the red flag on the Google search engine so if i were you as your posts had been indexed already on Google dont be attempt even deleted the post for good because its really affect on your blogs stat and stuff..

And now this blog is totally recovered i believed because i dont seen any deleted old posts on this blog through goggle search engine because Ive been replaced those posts already on my relevant new posts that its indexed already now,Good to know that Google has been updated already but yet still i remained for being my page rank of 3 meaning this blog is built and running so good now and soon ill be applying this blog again through that broker that im insistently wanted to get in, so please lets our fingers crossed once again..LOL alright thats it for now and let see on whats ganno happen soon..

Hello world!

December 8, 2010

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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