Lets talk about car

February 8, 2012

Cars are the things we use to get to the places that we wanted to go through, however, quite sometimes we couldnt avoid to have trouble on it because maybe youll just have this unbranded or not so well known brand of cars. But I suggest you to have this curt trailer hitches instead. Because this kind of car is well build and the spare parts are had been passed by the quality control. That means, this brand of car are the most best and practical to buy..

Raybans the all time favourite Summer sunglasses

February 3, 2012


Summer is near heading and I know most of the fashionistas out there are seeking way on how they may have this awesome glasses which the RayBan and such other brand of glasses. Because summer is all about accessories and sunglasses to bring the dopeness to their selves. Actually, not only in fashion sake why people are wearing sunglasses on this season,summer, but also for the health benefits and protection. Yeah sunglasses is a way of tool for us to protect our eyes on the severe hit of the sun as we goes through under the sun that might can affect to our eye sights as we dont wear one.

So yeah -summer is fun. But you must also consider your heath as this season comes. Start getting your own glasses and be swag at the same time be safe on the sun ray.. Awesome,right? Alright, thats it for now and I will blog something informational again on this blog,finkalixius.info, I hope you may get back again.. Thank yall and have a great day ahead to everyone..

Gucci Spring Summer Collection Campaign ads 2012

February 1, 2012






These are the campaigns ads of the fashion house company Gucci. And these pieces were also belongs on the brands spring summer collection. What do you think? do these new pieces are dope or not? on my end. I found them awesomely dope because of the clean patterns and blend of colors theyve been used on these pieces that can made each creation looks stunning and gorgeous fine.

But one thing that Ive noticed. Which, why Gucci doesnt have this market on their shoes? because I mostly heard about their bags and apparels? though they have these own selection of shoe designs. Why-oh-why? or it is just me whos not aware on their shoes thing? Okay, thats it for now and I will update you more some brands campaigns and collections soon to this blog

Taeyang rockin on the leopard print nuptse jacket from The North Face x Supreme

January 28, 2012


Another Taeyang post on this blog.finkalixius.info. Because I found this guy dope and he also got an swag thats why I used to blog him up to this blog. Okay, Taeyang is wearing an  leopard print nuptse jacket from The North Face one of his major sponsor. And I must say, the leopard print jacket is way better to than simple and usual one. Because this prints is now trending on todays fashion and even those leading brands are used to make an piece that has an leopard prints on it.

So yeah Taeyang did rockin again on this piece and I hope I can got at least the same design of this jacket. Because North face is way expensive and its hard for me to get one of it..LOL at least other brands have it in the reasonable priceLOL I better to buy on the cheap one! LOL

Heels but no heels, what a shoes?

January 28, 2012



I really love to see some pieces that are unusual or this quirky one. Because maybe fashion is natural unique and different to those things we used to see most of the time. Yeah! like for example this shoes that Ive found in web, actually, Ive seen this shoes already that gagas wore. But I cant imagine that the shoes will became big today. Because most of the shoes brand these days are had their own designs of this heels but no heel shoes. Hahaha Yeah Thats how influence gaga is, today.

And look, even Victoria Beckham ,wife of David Beckham, a former spice girls member, did wore the shoes as well. So yeah no doubt this shoes is now trending!

Heidi Merrick Spring Summer 2012 Collection

January 24, 2012



As youve been noticed on this blog,finkalixius.info, I used to blogged some designers spring summer and some other collection as for this year 2012. Because I knew, most of the fashion enthusiasts like you are really seek on some information rather some pictures of these designers collection that can make big sooner on todays fashion market. Because these people behind those big name brands are the one whod know on what are the pieces will be on trend and most especially the thing that most people will look forward to.

Yeah fashion designers has this huge influence that can change on the whole fashion thing. Because theyre the one who make it. Thats why, we must to check them often on what pieces theyre cooking in the certain seasons. By the way, the photos on top are belongs to the Heidi Merrick Spring Summer 2012 Collection. I must say, these pieces are way better that to the others and the combination of neon colors that Heidi Merrick uses are naturally awesome thats suits on the summer.

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