Good News folks!

As i wake up this morning,One thing that ive been noticed about to some of my blogs then.I seen these green juices running on my toolbar that will  keeping me quite happy then nowadays, and yeah Mr.G has been updated already and i know some webmasters / bloggers are having a jumping moment for awhile because they may now use their blogs then to monetize and such matters related. Well, thats i great news right? but i am quite worrying because i am maintaining my blogs though into those personal contents that i was sharing to you all guys each day but yet still i cant help my self to do such paid post to this blog because theres a lot of expenses that i needed to pay off soon, so that i can continuously doing what ive been started here, yeah its hard to understand and its hard to survive on the online industry if you dont havent doing any paid posts on your end.

So now dear bloggers use your green juices wisely because well never know that after a month Google will be become worsen by pulling down that precious green juice, but its up to you then, if you have some money then i might say that maintain your blogs on your personal clean content because sooner as you pursue it, youll definitely get places on your online career, so yeah thats it for now and let see if this blog will be approve now on payu2blog!


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