I use to linked my Own Links..LOL

Yeah, as you can see on my previous posts on this blog that i really use to linked out some of my new blogs and my other new post on my other blogs links because i really do believe that doing those things is can really help me a lot to bring all of my blogs in one goal which they may have a great page rank then as Google update soon, i hope this may work or else i need to think another strategies for my SEO stuff, though im doing some link building and blog hopping but yet still linking out on your own post is a must, i believe and theres a call on that or term rather that those great SEO masters use to commotion with to those forum that i belongs with, but bear with me because i am not one of them i just love reading those ideas and tutorials..LOL

So yeah if i were you, you might do the same thing now and let see if this technique really works on us, ok thats it for now and thanks again on reading this nonsense post of mine and i hope i can still update this blog everyday like what Ive been aiming now, hopefully im doing great right? what do you think? ok just dont mind me though..thanks a lot

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