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2NE1s New MV "Its Hurt" and Dara is Trending on Twitter!

November 2, 2010

Last month rather last 2 months ago, cant remembered the exact date when the kpop group 2ne1 came back on the music scene in Korea of course  because a lot of die hard fan whole wide world are really waiting to their new track list who been included to the recent album that the group released, and yeah indeed another hit of songs who been spread out around the world and most people are singing those songs already which the ,Go away,Cant Body , Clap your Hands  who gives some grooves to everybody but this recently the group release another music video that is included on the recent album to anyone and i think this was another promotional for their japan debut? doesnt know just my hint, anyways i hope youll like their new music video as well liked what you getting craze on the first 3 song,OK lest all watch their new MV the its hurt

And beside of that i think the group is more blessed because one of their group mates which sandara park or also know as dara is now trending on twitter due of the new music video because a lot of people are admiring  her? because of her natural beauty that is maybe? i think yeah!, though she got have only some lines on the song but still they look up to her on this music video because of the animalistic appeal..

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