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Choosing the Better Domain Registrar

November 23, 2010

Choosing the better domain registrar is the one that we have to consider with before we can buy our domain to be on the particular registrar because there was a lot of domain registrars run out there who offers a great cheap domain at first but the renewal fees was extremely gets what i mean? because this recently i seek a domain registrar who can gave me the cheapest domain in town rather any registrars who has a sales domains out to them and yeah i found one of the big boss which the yahoo domain, at first i am so happy that i was bought my domain for just only 3.99 dollars because i think this was the cheapest domain nowadays that we can avail online, but heres catch, only people who are first time to availing a domain on yahoo can only get the discounted domain that will cost you 3.99 dollars as ive said earlier but i think the domain is not transferable for the first year? not sure though because i cant read the full terms and condition of such a nuts i am and i found out that my domain renewal by next year will be 34 dollars..what the? is this real though? ok let see nest year if they insistently want to pay me

Lessons Learned:

Before you can buy domains on other registrar make sure that you can read their terms and conditions before you can push you through, secondly do some research first of the registrar consistently of prices and Google can hep you to find such feedback that you wanted and lastly i think as much as possible get stick on your trusted domain registrar to avoid any trouble along your way..but bear with it because i am not saying that yahoo domain is pretty sick on their services i am just not sure though, but ill make you an update on what will be happen on my domain.i hope it will be fine soon..

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