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Do Google Updates Page Rank Already?

November 1, 2010

Wow, its already November 1, 2010 and let me great you all first a pleasant all saints day  before i proceed on my frustration post, Ok lets go with on the topic, this recently some bloggers reported me some changes to their page rank toolbar because as i posted my Google update before i told them to let me know if they seen something changes to their blogs and yeah they do so and i think they are my superb friends here in the blogsphere now,thanks to them by the way, and yeah as they said, some of their blog page rank has been dropped into a 0/10 rank although their current rank was a page rank of 4 and they dont understand why Google is like that(so mean in away?) because we all wanted is to increase the pr not to decrease it right? and im pretty sure that all of these bloggers that i was telling you right now are bloggers who use to do some seo strategies to their blogs and some of them are professional to this craft either.. so what happened Google? could you please explain to us? though on this blog i cant feel the changes because im still on the top which the page rank 3 and hopefully this will increase as Google did the major update on the future that no one will know at all..hahah

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