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Ebuzzing can make my blogging life easier

November 24, 2010

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Id never thought that  i was doing this which is blogging because way back time when i was starting doing this thing,  i just wanted to let other people know about my feelings, thoughts and even my rants about stuff who can get my attentions along on my way. But suddenly rather luckily i found this awesome website named ebuzzing who can make my blogging life easier because of the campaigns that they offered to me, yeah you can also be part on the program as you a bloggers or either an advertisers  just register here for more info.

Actually ebuzzing started late 2007 to those great companies in UK nowadays such as Lloyds TSB, PayPal, Levis, FHM and the company built a great reputation already on what are the services that they have been through the years, so you if you have any online businesses or even just a simply business one who needs a promotional campaigns you can rather  consider the company Ebuzzing to do the job for you and help those bloggers as well, oh thats sounded awesome hasnt it?

To those bloggers who wants to monetize their blogs , no worries. ebuzzing has a great amount of campaigns that you can make of and theres also a bunch of upcoming brands  campaigns soon and me personally, im really excited every time i open my account to the site because i rarely see those great campaigns who awaited me to serve with. And another good thing was ebuzzing is a freeform wherein you can make a campaign as a freely as you want and they dont have any restrictions on it as long as the disclaimer will be included on your post.. and i think  cool brands like Zara and even other same companies  of brands  must be included to the campaign list because i think those companies can have a great sales if some sort of bloggers can make them a campaign through out to those awesome blogs..

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