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Integration of the 3 Monster Social Medias (WordPress,Twitter,Facebook)

November 11, 2010

Yes dear, you can even integrate the 3 top social medias nowadays all together, sounds awesome right? and i know you quite excited to find out on how to do these stuff because we have to admit that without these 3 social medias as we work online, are business or blog will be nothing at all, i believed! because through out of these 3 tools i must say, we can maximize and widen our prospect readers rather customers on your business, if you are running any so..ok stop beating around the bush and ill make it straight to the point now, read the instructions below on how to work with it..

ok on your wordpress blog,just simply  activate the plugin named twitter log which you can download directly on your plugin page on your admin panel its self and as the plugin activated already, you can see some instructions there were you can follow with to integrate your wordpress to twitter..those steps are like 1,2,3.. ok as the 2 social media integrates in one another we will go now on how we integrate your twitter on your facebook account, no worries its a pretty easy instructions again like what we did on the wordpress and twitter integration, ok head over here as a start  and by then you can see the link were you can do the integration but make sure your both accounts are pretty open(facebook and twitter) before you can proceed, and yeah thats it, by doing these simply steps that Ive been given to you on top, ill definitely guaranteed you that your blogging activities will be more convenience and easier me..:)

Note: you might check the linked keywords on this post for the deeply explanation on how you can do worries youll just directed on my other blog as you check them, so nothing to worry about..thanks a lot

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