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After 2NE1 Comeback Tracks Released!

September 14, 2010

Ok i know a lot of you are having a great time by listening those some tracks that recently released by yg entertainment through 2NE1 girl group because its been quite a while when fans awaited this comeback album and now its already out in the way you may by on yesasia or in ygeshop its self just search on web for further information..

As 2ne1 released their album, they have to promote 3 main songs of the tracks because yg the music label pretty sure that the girl can make those song a big hit that they dont failed about because yeah its a big hit now and most people are talking about it, and they even ranked on the top most listen music around the music site and companies..

last September 12,2010 2ne1 performed their first comeback song GO AWAY @ the SBS Inkigayoand after that as i checked youtube i just Woh because a bunch of cover will shown up after a min that the girl was performed, i think that is a great sign for yg side..

this was one of those awesome cover(s) via youtube and this one caught my attention that why i included it here..

I think the 2ne1 secret was they really emphasize  the women empowerment through out their song that other nor a lot of girls out there can relay with and on guy side they do relate as well by being amazed on women confidence that they like about..

Boost your Confidence!

September 9, 2010

I know when you was a child you been bullied with someone else who is boastful on the group , and i think childhood time is your processing development on your confident because me personally i experienced the same thing, when i was a child i been bullied every time it is because im tin and short among the group by that time and  i can help what they been doing on me because i know they are all strong and tall than me..huhuhu i feel sorry to me self now because if i had a change to get back on that time ill definitely stand as tall as i can and feel them that im scary enough for them..LOL because when i was growing my self esteem got low then because of those bullied stuff that Ive been experienced with that can effect my growing confident..but right now im strong enough and emotional prepared that i can beat what ever people hit me along my way because i know my self that i am better than those heater and such thing..thats why you if you still quilt for being a coffee lady on  your office , girl this is the time for your to stand and fix your self and tell to your self nor convince your self that you are beautiful and confident to show to everybody that hey i cam be mean as well..hehehe go go go fighting fighting!!

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