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My Inspiration

March 6, 2011

Being a newbie on this kind of stuff, I use to look up to those awesome people who may get inspired on me to do it so rather to push this through,so that someday Ill be come what did they becoming yet still now. Like this lovely and skinny lady here named Tricia, yeah this sweet lady is my indeed inspiration because through her own thing she can be what she wanted to be of with, gets what I mean? Its like she has this freedom to shown to everybody what are the things she wanted to do and what she really wanted to be, that I think I wasnt have now because I am still newbie and Im quite afraid though to try new things with me then. Thats why idolized this lady and I hope I can able to see her her so muchy..

Lookbook Girls and Men

September 7, 2010

Yeah we been decided that we were featuring some of those geourse lady and awesome men that we found interesting on the sire lookbook because as this site tackles about empowerment i think the best inspiration to all us is to see some people who has this great appearances and charisma that can take us mind think what he/she had without me and by then you can start having a quite envy who can bring you to be look good by your self..i know nor i hope this may help us to boost our confidence to our self that we can do what others can do or better yet do better what others can do right! so please check out on this category that well posted soon as we fix the site theme and such..

And for now let me give you some hint who we are behind this website..we were 2 who runs this website , the girl duty was to find informative post in regard to her girl empowerment post while the man is the one who tweak the site if we encounter any down site moment and of course hes the one who put the them out here that you can see later than today..and as we work all things out youll see us on the sidebar as our picture please stay tune and as much as possible we want this blog more lively and fun to browse with..thanks

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