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Knowing the Best Wedding Dress for you

December 15, 2011


On this blog,, I really wanted to blog something useful or informative that can really helps on my readers. Because I know most of my readers are seeking some informational things on this blog that they may use sooner or that can be just added on their knowledge.

Today, what Ive got was this Knowing the best Wedding Dress for you Ive thought this topic because as the Decembers month comes, most of the couples are getting married and either getting engaged with. Because the month has this love appeals that most people feels. A lot of girls are actually having this difficult times to decide about the proposal or in the wedding. Because they were thinking on what should be their wedding dress to be look like, because wedding is the most important events that a girl could have on their entire lives, thats why they want to see to it that this day is the best day they should have and they wore the awesome beautiful wedding dress they could have that will suits to them well.

Actually, choosing the best wedding dress for you isnt that much harder, youll just have to know your body types and the best asset of your body to emphasis it that can be accent to the Wedding Gown. For example, if youve got this quite bulky bods, you should have then the plus size wedding dresses, however, yet still you could look slim on the gown if you added some patterns and lace on the wedding dress. Just ask your designer on how you may look to it. And of course dont forget about the accessories that can give more spices on the total wedding dress.


But when youre luckily enough to have this nicely bone structures and has an slim body type then, I suggest you to have this mermaid wedding dresses from the artsy wedding shop. Because the shop is specialized on the wedding dresses(for both girls and men) and they can also work on your own designs to, which the great thing because they can considered their clients wants and need on their own wedding dress and gowns.


The key was, you should work on those specialized on this matter, so that they can suggest something awesome that can lead you having the best wedding dress or gown on your wedding day.

By the way, lemme share to you the awesome song that Ive found on YouTube titled Wedding dress. I hope you may like it to

Wedding Rings

December 3, 2011


Today I wanted to buy Wedding Rings so we went fast as hell up and got them. There, I spotted so many His and Her Wedding Bands, i was left confused but i managed to find a few good Wedding Bands for myself Oh, Im very happy! So beautiful Not to mention that everything feels so much more real with the upcoming wedding. Imagine that finally we get to be a married couple and I get the same last name as our four children. When that day comes, we 22y.o. behind us So its really not a moment too soon ha ha A little shaky path we have walked the last eight years, but now everything feels just as good. Will grass widow tomorrow but go up to Stockholm on Friday and then we go to the China Theater, and before we thought wed eat in the fleet fish restaurants as heart acquitted on. Will be so nice to get away for a while just to cuddle. Tomorrow Ill pick up a packet of crafts gadgets after school. Must also be in the way and buy a little more fine paper for our invitations. When my future husband comes home tonight and well line pallets in the dark. Scales do not run with the tractor in the mud with too much risk of sticking. Then we could finally enjoy the wonderful evenings

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